Stocking Filler Ideas for Kids

Whether you’re looking for stocking fillers for Christmas, or small gifts for the kids for other occasions around the year, there are plenty of affordable ideas for fun toys that will bring a smile to your children’s faces. We browsed through the site to select a few fun ‘stocking filler’ gifts for the boys at Eid. I prefer to go for stocking fillers that are good quality, rather than cheap novelty items and as you can see with a budget of just £30 I managed to get a great selection.

Stocking filler ideas for kids

Let me show you what I chose, and hopefully give you some good ideas for your own kids.

Lego DC Comics Mini Figure Lights 

We got Superman and Batman. My boys really love these. They are larger than normal Lego figures, so are robust to hang from book bags without getting lost or broken. When you press the middle of each figure, they light up from their feet – very cool.

Robo Fish

We have a few Robo fish at home already, and they’re always fun. The inclusion of a net in this set is what made me go for this, so the kids can go fishing for their Robo fish in the bath or as a fun water play activity. You get one fish with this, and some tank accessories too.

Spy Pens

I remember magic pens these from when I was a kid. Write with one pen, and then colour over with the other to reveal the message. This is a fun way to encourage kids to practise writing too – so it’s a win win for both parents and children.

Scented Dough

Playdough is always a hit in our house. This little pot is scented to add an extra sensory element, and smells yummy. You can’t really go wrong with this – good for party bags too because this item is only 75p (and much better than a lot of the cheap plastic toys you get in party bags)

Colour and Spin Wooden Top

Combining art with a classic wooden toy. We love this simple fun activity. You could try our spinning top painting idea with it once the kids are done decorating the tops.

Make Your Own Sock Puppets

This is another classic craft. Sometimes it’s easier when you have all the bits together in a kit, rather than searching around for the supplies you need to use. Sock puppets are an ideal simple craft for either boys or girls.

I hope these suggestions gave you some inspiration, and there’s lots more on the Stocking Fillers site, so why not go and have a browse.

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