Capture the Flag Space Colouring Sheet and Activity Printable

Capture the Flag is a fun new space themed movie for kids, and is released today on digital HD download (and will be out in one week on DVD and blu-ray) My boys all enjoyed watching this movie, so to celebrate the digital release we have some fun colouring sheets and activity pages to share with you today.

Capture the Flag Colouring Page


To print the colouring page, right click the image and save to your computer, then print out for your child to colour.

Build your own space rocket

You can also let your child build their own space rocket craft using recycled materials, following the instructions on this sheet. This will definitely get them in the mood to watch the movie!


Watch a Clip

Get to know more about Capture the Flag by watching this quick clip. It’s an entertaining movie for all the family!

Mike Goldwing, a plucky, determined 12-year old boy, is the son and grandson of NASA astronauts. His grandfather Frank, a once revered, but now forgotten retired astronaut, lives his days isolated from his family after missing out on his big chance to fly to the moon with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin as a part of the Apollo XI mission. When an eccentric billionaire sets an evil plan to fly to the moon, steal the moon’s vast mineral resources, and destroy the American flag planted by the Apollo XI team, Mike embarks on a magnificent adventure as a stowaway on the space shuttle. Accompanied by his grandfather, best friends Amy and Marty, and a clever chameleon, Mike blasts off to the moon to capture the flag and reunite his family.

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