Thank a Special Teacher for World Teachers’ Day

Do you have a teacher that you remember fondly from your own school days, or perhaps a teacher in your own child’s school who went above and beyond to do the best for your child, and won a special place in their heart?

As the UNESCO World Teachers’ Day approaches (on the 5th October), Ed Place are organising a campaign to thank all educators for their hard work. We’re often quick to complain if there’s a problem, but do we remember to appreciate and thank our teachers for the little things they do every day?

Thank a teacher for world teacher's day. Print out this teacher thank you card to personalise and give to show appreciation

Growing up with two teachers for parents, and other teachers in the family, I’m well aware that teaching is not an easy job. Whether with the youngest ones starting out in reception, or A-level students hoping to move on to university, the job comes along with plenty of worry about how things will turn out for the students, and every teacher wishes the best for his or her class.

Ed Place are inviting primary and secondary school children and their parents to say thank you to their favourite teacher by printing out this thank you card, and sharing their picture with the card with the hashtag #thankyourteacher through EdPlace’s Facebook or Twitter page

World Teachers Day printable thank you card to show appreciation for a favourite teacher

On World Teachers’ Day, EdPlace will draw 5 submissions and surprise the nominated teachers with flowers and chocolate. (Full details here)

teacher appreciation printable

We printed the card out, and Z enjoyed writing his (in his favourite multicoloured pen!) to the teacher that he had last year. He thanked his teacher for teaching him all about Australia, which was a topic he enjoyed learning, especially since his teacher is Australian herself.

It says: “Thank you so much for teaching me things about Australia and being my best teacher ever.” I hope it will bring a smile to his teacher’s face – it’s always lovely to feel appreciated!

#thankyourteacher for Unesco world teachers day 5th October

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