How to Get Kids to Love Drinking Water (and Ditch Sugary Drinks)

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By Luciana Oliveira

When you’re hot and thirsty, nothing sounds better than a cold glass of H20. So why do kids fight tooth and nail to drink literally ANYTHING else? Our kids start their love affair with sugar early in life, and it messes with their brains’ reward center. This can make them crave more and more sugary drinks, even if they’re causing lasting damage. Sugar is the most addictive drug in the world. So how do you get your kids to drink more water? Luckily, their love for water is STILL there. They just need a little push to reset their thinking and appreciate water again. And it’s not as hard as you think. Here are our top tips to get kids to drink more water. 

Fun Water Bottles

Water in a glass is boring. Water in a bottle decorated with your kid’s favorite princess or superhero is a different story entirely.  For kids, it’s all about the magic and the theatrics. Dressing your water up in a cool new bottle can make it a lot more fun to drink. If your kids are gadget-addicted (like all kids are these days), there’s a bottle for that too. Auron Bottle is the first-ever smart water bottle. Auron turns drinking water into a game for kids, and it also keeps your family safe and healthy. Auron is a self-cleaning water bottle equipped with a UV-light purifier in its lid. It keeps itself and your water 99.99% clean the natural way (using the same light that comes from the sun), and it prevents bacteria from building up in the bottle over time. 

So why do kids like it? Auron has a touchscreen LED display on its lid that features colorful lights and sounds—just like a smartphone or tablet. In a way, it speaks kids’ language. They love activating the purifier (it just takes a tap to the lid). Then, a 60-second timer and a little light show let them watch as their water transforms into something new and magical. Auron’s touchscreen does a lot more too. You can set an auto-clean function, schedule hydration reminders, and check the temperature of your drink (Auron keeps anything hot or cold for 24 hours!). Auron is safe and durable, so your kids can take it to soccer practice and Auron will come back without a dent. 

It’s fun, it’s healthy, and it’s a great way to kickstart your journey to drinking more water as a family. Auron isn’t as cheap as a normal bottle, but if you pre-order the new Auron Bottle soon, you can take 60% off the retail price.

Colder is Better

It might seem strange, but water actually has a taste. Kids’ tastebuds are much more sensitive to flavors than those of adults, and this can be one reason that they don’t like water. Certain tap water or mineral water can taste overly metallic or bitter to kids. But you can usually solve this problem by serving them extra cold water. The colder the water, the less they’ll be able to taste the “flavors” within. Instead of serving water directly from the tap, serve it from a pitcher filled with ice. For a bit of extra flair, add some colorful citrus wedges to make the water seem more appealing. A little theatrics goes a long way with kids.

Speaking of that…

Colorful Ice Cubes 

Colorful ice cubes are a fun and hassle-free way to add some fun to your water. One way to do this is to make ice cubes in your child’s favorite color. All it takes is s drop of food coloring to make ice cubes more fun. Another fun and educational idea is to mix multiple ice cube colors together to create a new color (yellow+blue turns your water green!). Just make sure you don’t add too many colors together or you’ll end up with murky brown water that nobody wants to drink. Or, you can take it a step further by adding little pieces of fruit or candies to their ice cubes. Of course, your kids should be old enough to avoid a choking hazard if you do this. 

Add a Bit of Flavor

This is cheating a bit… but not if you do it right! Adding some flavor to your water can be a good compromise between sugary drinks and flavorless H20. You can start by adding some real fruit juice to your water to give it a little kick of flavor and sweetness. Or, you can garnish your water with fruit and colorful “accessories” to make drinking water more fun. We like to set up a little water “buffet” after school where kids can choose what to put in their water. Make sure the choices are super colorful. We put some frozen berries, banana slices, cucumber, and licorice straws. 

Who said water was no fun?

Your Kids Can Learn to Love Water

If you find yourself battling your kids over what goes in their glass, don’t lose hope! Remember that kids love water—even if they say they don’t. We ALL love water! It’s the most vital ingredient for life. All you need to do to help your children drink more is to make it more fun. Once they start drinking more water and fewer sugary drinks, those bad habits will start to fade away. Soon, they might even prefer water!  Start by getting rid of any sugary temptations in your fridge—artificial drinks, sodas, etc. Next, try some of the tips on this list to make water more appealing.  We highly recommend Auron Bottle as a way to get kids excited about drinking water. It’s a fun, new gadget that they’ll love playing around with. It also keeps the whole family protected from germs. 

Now is the best time to make Auron a part of your hydration habits. During the pre-order sale, you can get an Auron Bottle for 60% off the retail price. That’s a smart bottle that lasts for life at the cost of a normal water bottle. Find out more and pre-order your Auron Bottle now at

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