How Decorating Your Ceiling Can Help Your Baby Sleep And Develop

Infants and children need emotional, physical, and social interactions to develop and grow. Creating a warm, safe, and conducive environment that helps stimulate learning is necessary. Psychologists believe that creating a room that is ideal for learning while being a safe space is excellent for the intellectual and emotional stability of the child. Since the first five years of a child are crucial for future development, providing colours, shapes, and a child-friendly environment is necessary for proper functioning and organisation.

Most primary caregivers concentrate on visual stimuli to draw out the child’s creativity and interest in their formative years. Neutral colours, solid colours, patterns, images, kid-friendly characters, and more are a way to increase the functioning and focus of the brain. The psychological and developmental aspects of child-rearing are probably the two most critical reasons that so many people now concentrate on the correct décor and interiors for children’s rooms. 

Decoration ideas, colour schemes, motifs, wall stickers, and decal artwork is crucial as children develop quickly. Since babies start absorbing information from the minute they open their eyes, it is prudent to have bright colours and educational wall stickers on walls, ceilings, and bathrooms. Most infants are swaddled and placed in cribs or baby cots and are mostly looking at the top. Having attractive ceilings and personalised wall stickers will help with early brain development. 


Let us look at how decorating your ceiling can help your baby sleep and develop.


Visual Stimuli:

Babies are incredibly visual. They see things before they realise what they are seeing. Providing them with bright colours, large pictures, and peaceful motifs will help develop the brain from an early age. According to child development psychologists and paediatricians, most babies receive nearly 80% of their initial development from visual stimuli alone. Since this is an extremely high number, providing the child with adequate stimulation and nurturing their visual development is crucial.

Ceilings are excellent to start the babies on their visual journey. Since babies are swaddled and placed in cribs and baby cots, they are mostly horizontal till they can sit upright or balance their necks. At such times, leaving the ceiling bare is inadvisable since it is blank all the time and devoid of any colour. 


Mental Development:

Surrounding a newborn with art, colours, and bright shades of nature can help with mental development. High contrast images, pictures, and motifs on ceilings and the walls of the nursery or child’s room can aid in achieving mental stimulus. Cognitive development, emotional attachments, and eyesight have been known to improve when babies are stimulated mentally and made to focus on colour contrasts. 

Infants and babies can track moving images, objects, and colours faster with the help of regular visual stimulus to aid mental development. Babies also tend to look harder at and concentrate more on wall stickers with bright contrasting colours than on solid ones or those with plain black or white writing on them. With the focus and concentration come easy sleeping habits. Infants that keep staring at fascinating images or pictures tend to fall asleep quicker and more deeply than those that do not. 


Organise the Ceiling:

We understand that organising a ceiling is not something you would do daily. However, keeping an organised ceiling with different coloured motifs, wall art, personalised images, and other things can help the child develop better. Putting up personalised pictures of the primary caregivers and others in the house can also help the baby develop a sense of safety and security while sleeping. Familiarisation and recall are also possible with pictures that are meaningful to parents, family, primary caregivers, and others closely related to the infant.

Spend time understanding the teachings that you would like the infant or baby to learn, and start planning accordingly. Organising the process of decorating the ceiling will help the baby develop quicker, and also sleep peacefully through the night. 


Keep Changing the Ceiling Art:

Developmental stages in children keep changing as they grow older with age. Within a few months, infants start grabbing at things a lot faster than they would earlier, for safe play and stealing a moment of rest a travel cot comes in handy. Child psychologists suggest positive reinforcement through images, pictures, songs, and books to help the child develop emotionally and intellectually. Changing the wall art on the ceiling is an excellent way to contribute towards the growth of the child. With the changing ceiling, the child’s personality and interests will be more evident. It also inculcates playfulness and curiosity in young ones. 

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