Peace of mind for your family’s future.

Lately, we have been thinking about getting all of our affairs in order for our family’s future. It’s easy to live in the moment, especially when you are still young but with four children to support, I feel much better knowing that our family is covered for whatever surprises and circumstances that life could throw at us.

Recently, we got our wills put together, along with lasting power of attorney and guardianship for the children. One of the interesting topics that came up when discussing with the lawyers was about different types of insurance that we have such as life insurance, mortgage insurance, and income protection insurance. These offer you such peace of mind, especially in today’s climate when we have no idea what each year will bring in the job market.

If you haven’t hear of Income protection insurance, this is a type of insurance which pays out a percentage of your salary if you’re signed off of work through illness or injury. This is usually 50-70%, depending on the amount you choose when you buy it, but some policies do pay out 100%. For us, this would give us such peace of mind as we have a lot of outgoings each month so to suddenly find ourselves without income would be really stressful, especially with four children to support. If you have additional outgoings for your family such as private school fees, this could be even more important.

Income protection is one of the least bought types of protection in the U.K, despite being a perfect choice for literally anyone earning – whether they’re self employed or work for someone else, have a family or live alone.

Income Protection is one of the products available from Life Search, one of the U.K’s biggest life insurance brokers. They are super passionate about making sure that all their customers are able to enjoy the peace of mind that life insurance products can bring to them and their families, and about finding cover for as many people as possible, even those with pre-exisiting conditions that would have previously had them excluded from being able to buy affordable life insurance.

After sorting out our insurances and wills, it was such a weight off my mind, as I know that if our family is hit by stressful circumstances at least our finances will be one less thing to worry about. When you are facing major life difficulties such as losing a job or a family member, worrying and struggling with how to pay the bills is the last thing you feel like doing so getting covered now means that if we do find ourselves in those circumstances, we will at least have a bit more space to breathe and focus on supporting everyone in the family emotionally.

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  1. Wow that was really informative and I wonder if the us has that type of income insurance as well. Would be an amazing thing to have especially with the pandemic happening. I like your posts and actually was wondering if you would consider doing a post about adopting a family for the holidays had one blogger do one and it was beautiful. wanted to know if you could do the same. Trying to really help this us family have an amazing holiday and accomplish some sense of normalcy. I hope to hear from you soon and hope you have an amazing day.


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