Big Changes to Make in 2021

If 2020 has left you feeling stuck and claustrophobic, it could be time to think about making a big change. This can be scary but exciting, and even if you don’t know what exactly you want to do, it can be a lot of fun to dream! Here are a couple of suggestions to get you thinking!

Get a tattoo

This is a classic. If you’ve got a favourite image or quote that you have been longing to have tattooed, what are you waiting for? The beauty of tattoos is their flexibility.

You can choose the size, image, artist, and placement, all of which affect the price. Contrary to popular belief, they don’t even have to have a special meaning; it can literally just be something you like. But if you do want a tattoo with meaning check out our list on our new site On Your Journey

Embrace your passions and interests, and show them off to the world!

Get a dog

The benefits of a having a pet are immeasurable. They can be a friend and companion, regardless of whether you live alone, with others, or have children.

Dogs are one of the most common choices for a household pet due to their loyal and friendly nature. So check out your local animal shelter to see if you can find another member to add to your family. Having a pet provides companionship and promotes exercise, and is great to help teach kids about responsibility. 

Move house

A pretty big change! Moving house might be something you’ve been considering for a while but haven’t done for any number of reasons. If your main concern is being a first-time buyer, or you have financial queries, you could consider a Help to Buy scheme, which provides assistance and financial aid to help to buy new builds.

You could receive loans and mortgage support, buy a new house, and get your foot on the property ladder, choosing from a range of houses and locations all over the country.


If you’ve got the travelling bug, consider interrailing as your next adventure. This is a wonderful way to experience different cultures and countries whilst avoiding tourist traps.

Plan your destinations and travel everywhere by train, exploring different cities and countries every few days, taking in the scenery the whole time. You can also get various deals and passes that allow you unlimited travel over a period of days, much like a bus pass, but for the whole of Europe!

Learn to drive 

Driving is a great skill to have and can really help improve your flexibility and independence. It’s such a freeing feeling to be able to travel around on your own terms, and not to have to rely on lifts or public transport.

Driving lessons can be expensive, so it’s a good idea to shop around and ask for recommendations. Lots of instructors also do bulk lesson deals, saving you money, and making sure you get the hours in.

Change careers

If you fancy a career change, it may be easier than you think to switch jobs! Regardless of your qualifications and current job, there are plenty of options available.

If you already have an undergraduate degree, a postgrad conversion course can give you the skills and training to totally change specialisms. Furthermore, online courses and training have become incredibly popular this year, allowing you to study online, on your own terms, and opening you up to a huge range of possible future career choices!

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