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As you might know, we live in London. It’s a great city to visit for a holiday or to live in, with loads to do for children and families including lots for free. I have featured and written a couple of posts recently about things to do in London and today I have a guest post for you, exploring some of the best places to visit, stay and eat when holidaying in London. I hope you find it useful!

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When I say ‘holiday’, what thought pops up in your head? Is it pale sandy beaches, palm tree fronds waving gently in the background, while you hear the laughter from your children dipping their toes into the aquamarine water? Sampling the freshly made food from street vendors as you stroll along the winding roads, on way to take in the beautiful local sights? Or do you think your family is only satisfied with the iconic Disneyland, where all the princesses and Mickey Mouse resides?

Those are fantastic thoughts, for sure. But before you get carried away, spare a thought for the local scene of our capital: London. Perhaps without stepping foot into an aeroplane or a cruise boat you feel like you’re not truly going on a holiday, but if you take on a fresh mind-set and eye, you’ll find that you (and your wallet) might be pleasantly surprised.

Feast On:

Your heart might be set on the street food that you’ve seen on all the blogs and brochures wafting around, but you’ll find that Borough Market has plenty to satisfy the tongue. Just off London Bridge, Borough Market has not only stalls to feed you and your family ten times over, but also hold lively events such as cooking demonstrations and challenges to entertain you for at least a little while. Feel free to indulge and buy fresh produce from the local traders also.

Rest your Weary Head:

Accommodation in a capital city is never going to be cheap. Yet if you expand your limits beyond to the typical hotels, you’ll find a host of opportunities for your family.

Serviced apartments in Kensington allows a whole group to stay within central London comfortably; there’s both far more room than one cramped ‘family room’ as per usual hotel room guidelines, and it’s much less expense than getting two separate rooms to house your family for a few nights. The fully equipped kitchen that comes with the apartment also allows you to make use of any of that fresh produce you may have purchased, saving you money that you may have spent in restaurants.

Keep Cultured:

Distant your kids’ thoughts away from Donald Duck by keeping them entertained: a great alternative to the Science Museum is Horniman Musuem which is currently hosting an interactive exhibition which focuses on how animals and plants survive in extreme conditions. If the notion of trying to drink as fast as a camel doesn’t do it for your kids, then the Chocolate Kitchens at Hampton Court will be a treat for anyone with a sweet tooth.

So whether for a weekend trip away, or the full-blown two weeks, the local sights have a lot more to offer than the everyday shops on the high street. If you give London a chance, you’ll find it’s not just the typical urban working city: gawp at Harrod’s Toy Kingdom, wake up next to dinosaurs in the Natural History museum (yes you’re allowed
to do sleepovers!), and marvel at the landscape at the top of the O2 tower. You’ll love it.

Where are your favourite places to visit and stay in London? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I used to really hate coming to London, but the Olympics have changed that for me. I found some new places, and we have been more times in the last few years. The boy loves seeing the sites, and we keep promising ourselves that we will have to visit the tower of London one day as I have never been!
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