Interplay Pirate Craft Party

My boys are all really into pirates at the moment, so testing out the Interplay Pirate Craft Party kit over half term was a perfect activity for them to enjoy.

tips and ideas for a pirate craft partyThe kit contains pirate themed craft supplies for up to 6 children, along with ideas for pirate themed party games:

  • 6 Pirate treasure chests
  • 6 Pirate hats + 6 adjustable headbands for the hats
  • 6 skull and crossbone decals for the hats
  • 6 Pirate eye patches and cords
  • 6 Fine paint brushes
  • 12 pots of paint (in 4 colours)
  • 24 imitation gold dubloons for pirate treasure
  • Instructions for the supervising adult

interplay pirate craft party kit

The boys were excited to get started, and we did the treasure chest painting first. The smaller brushes were ideal to help them with painting the details neatly, and the paint was plenty to go around. The included colours are black, brown, yellow and white.

pirate craft party painting treasure chests

They concentrated quietly on their painting and were proud of the results!

The next activity was making the pirate hats. My boys are not always ones to stick rigidly to the instructions so as well as sticking on the skull and crossbone self adhesive decals, we did have some painted pirate hats too! This was fine with me, as the paint dried pretty quickly.

pirate hats for a pirate craft party

The craft activities are recommended for age 5+, although I think it would be fine as a party from age 4+. Mr R age 2 was having a nap during the craft time but loved to wear the hats when he woke up!

pirate hats for a pirate craft party

To use this kit for a birthday party would work really well, as all the craft supplies are provided it makes life easy for a parent. Mr Z (age 5) said that he would like a pirate party like this, but that 6 people may not be enough for a birthday party and he would prefer to invite more friends. I think this is a fair point but it could be easily solved by buying two or three kits. The crafts made in the party can be taken home as party favours. My boys have especially loved their hats and pirate treasure coins, and they are still being played with now! The kits work out at under Β£5 per child which is better value than a lot of party options, even when you factor in buying food and decorations too.

Mr Z has been to some of his friends’ birthday parties with a pirate theme and it’s always lots of fun. I remember going to pirate themed parties as a child myself, so it’s nice to have something so classic that lasts through the generations.

Some more ideas for pirate party songs, games and crafts

What do you think to the Interplay kits? Have your kids ever had a pirate themed party? Share your ideas in the comments!

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  1. These kits look great. I’m going to check them out because my girls both have birthdays in August and they want a garden party so these would be great to keep the kids entertained πŸ™‚

  2. We reviewed the Treasure Party and planned to buy the Pirate party next! I think they are fantastic and you only spend around Β£4 a child for all the fun! Having seen your post we are definitely getting it, girls loves pirates too πŸ˜‰

  3. Lucas says – RRRRRRR me Hearties……….. (did you like my Pirate impression?) What a cool idea for a birthday party and I reckon you’ve all done a fab job – high-5’s all round πŸ™‚
    Grace says – Oh Lucas, you do make me laugh but I agree – this is a great idea. Hope you all had a great time x
    Thanks for linking to #minicreations
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