Handprint Flower Pot Craft for Mothers Day

This handprint flower pot craft is easy to do and is a lovely project for children to make at Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or for a teacher or other special people in their life who help them “grow”.

Handprint flower pot craft for mothers day or any time you want to say "thank you for helping me grow" We made our flower pot crafts using these kits from Baker Ross, so all the supplies come provided within the pack. If you want to change up the craft for a different recipient you could stick on your own poem, or buy foam stickers in flower designs and design this craft your own way. We always find Baker Ross supplies good quality and they are good value too.

How to Make the Hand Print Flower Pot Craft

You will need:

Either the handprint poem kit from Baker Ross


  • Green card or foam
  • Card or foam in a different colour – whatever colour you prefer for the flower pot
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • Thin piece of ribbon
  • Flower foam stickers

How to make the handprint flower pot craft

First get your child to draw around their hand onto the green foam.

drawing around your hand for a handprint craftCut this out. You will need a hole in the top of the middle finger to thread your ribbon.

handprint with hole to thread ribbonNext, get your child to stick the cut out handprint into the back of the flower pot shape, and they’re ready to start decorating the handprint with flowers. We stuck these together using glue dots, but you can also use white school glue / PVA glue – or whatever you prefer.

decorating handprint with flowers for a flowerpot craftYou can stick one flower at the end of each finger, and then add a few leaves for extra details. Some of my kids did this, and others wanted to go crazy with their own design – either way is fine by me!

handprint flowerpot craft


handprint flower pot craftUsing foam stickers to decorate is an easy and mess free way for the children to craft. My 3 year old sometimes needs a little help getting the backing off, but that is good fine motor practise for him. My older boys (5 and 6) never need any help with these stickers so they can do this craft easily and independently.

They always enjoy using their creativity to make up their designs.

Once the flower design is done to their satisfaction, get your child to sign their name on the flower pot.

handprint flower pot crafts signed with name and a mothers day poem

The Mothers Day poem on the Baker Ross kit reads:

“Like a flower you love

and watch me grow.

Thanks for everything you do.

I’m glad my mum

is the extra special you!”

If you preferred to make your own poem, your child could type it on the computer, print out and stick on depending on age, or write a few words themselves.

Handprint crafts are always special, and are perfect as a keepsake craft for Mothers day. You can look back over the years and see how little their tiny handprints used to be!

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handprint flowerpot craft with a poem for Mothers Day

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