Drink It All In with Twinings and Tea Cup Cards

At the moment, I am loving the signs of Spring that are popping up – like the daffodils I have on my kitchen windowsill which make me smile as I’m busy crafting away with the kids, listening to our favourite songs and taking time to chat and enjoy each other’s company.

daffodils sign of spring #drinkitallin

So I chose to reflect sunny and bright happy yellows in this crafty project together. We made these simple tea cup cards that can hold a tea bag so that you can give to friends to “have a cup of tea on us”. My boys had made me something similar before for Mother’s Day and I thought it was a lovely idea, so we made some more. They would be a fun way to spread a little happiness, to cheer up a friend or show appreciation.

Egg box tea cup card, with a real tea bag. Great for mothers day cards, thank you cards, or just to make someone smile

To make these tea cup cards you will need (per card)

  • 1 Blank card
  • Piece of coloured paper
  • 1 cut up egg box (you can get 4 cups out of a 6 egg box – one per corner)
  • 1 small piece of pipe cleaner
  • 1 Twinings teabag in your favourite variety
  • Glue
  • Flower shapes or stickers to decorate (optional)

supplies for egg box tea cup cardThen it’s just a case of assembling everything on to the card and gluing it all down. Make sure the egg carton cup is stuck down firmly to hold your tea securely. You can mix up the colours and designs to reflect your own favourite colours and the things that make you happy. Maybe sparkly or glittery is what always makes you smile.

These little moments spent together throughout the day are so precious, and I feel like those every day moments are the ones that we will look back on the most fondly as the kids grow up. I love Twinings message of #drinkitallin – taking time to notice the wonderful world around you, and appreciate the joy and blessings in your life.

crafting with kids

Take a look at the new Twinings #drinkitallin advert. I love the little origami birds!

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