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This summer, I’m joining a few other bloggers in putting together our own kids bedroom mood boards for the George Ultimate Bedroom Makeover Challenge.

We’ve been busy doing lots of renovation and decorating at home over the past couple of months, so I have started looking at the kids rooms too, thinking that they need a little bit of a revamp. Although we still have some other rooms to repaint and decorate before we get round to re-doing the children’s bedrooms entirely, there are so many quick and easy ways you can add new life and a new look to a room just by adding a few fresh new accessories, or even refreshing the furniture.

easy bedroom decorating ideas for older and younger boys

Our three boys share two bedrooms, with the eldest (age 8) in his own smaller room, and the younger two (age 4 and 6) sharing. I decided to have a browse on the George site and get some ideas for both of their rooms, and this is what I came up with.

For the younger boys

If you click each item, you’ll be able to see it on the George website.

boys super hero room


As you can guess from the theme, both of my younger boys love all kinds of Super heros. I saw George has lots of fun Super hero accessories, so I decided to combine Spider-Man (who is R’s favourite) with some of the other characters like Super-Man and Bat-Man, who they both love too. I don’t mind combining Marvel and DC together – the kids love them all!

The Spider-Man wall stickers set is a particularly effective way to transform a room quickly, and make the theme really noticeable. We’ve often used this kind of sticker set and find them very easy to do.

Since the younger boys share a room, I decided to try out bunk beds in my mood board to give them more space to play. That would make enough space for them to have the Avengers table and chairs set, since they love doing lots of drawing and colouring, and some comfy bean bags for them to lounge around or read some books.

For my older boy

Again if you click each item, you can see it on the George website

older boys room


For my eldest, Z, I decided to steer away from character items and go with a more mature look that could grow with him. With a slightly smaller room, and lots of toys and books, storage is always the main issue in his room. With that in mind, I decided to go for a mid height bed (similar to what he has at the moment, but newer looking!) and some extra storage units. We have cube storage in our playroom downstairs, and it is so handy, so having a few cubes up in the bedroom would definitely be a good idea. I’m always encouraging the boys to read lots, so an extra bookcase is something Z’s bedroom really needs to!

I think Z would like the LED space canvas picture, as he’s been learning all about space this year, and the light up feature is pretty cool! The denim look comfy chair would be a hit with him too.

What would you choose to liven up your kids bedrooms?

Visit the George Asda website to find out more about the Ultimate Bedroom Makeover Challenge

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  1. I usually prefer more themed kids spaces but any color coordination with bright elements makes it fun too. As long as you pick the right furniture, putting all the rest of the details together is kind of easier.


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