Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games on Nintendo Wii U

A while back, we tried out Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games on Nintendo 3DS. Now, we’ve had the chance to try out the Wii U version and compare the two. Although it’s the same game, there’s a slightly different feel to it on Wii U. We found the Wii U version is really great for the whole family playing together, and it has a more social feel to it, while the DS version is of course great for on the go. 

Mario & Sonic at the rio 2016 olympic games

This is a really versatile game which includes lots of different Olympic sport events, from racing the 100m Sprint, to Equestrian challenges, gymnastics, archery, bike racing, or even team games like football and rugby.

Each player can choose to be one of the Mario or Sonic characters, and each one has different skill levels, strengths and weaknesses that help you in each activity in different ways. For example in the swimming, Sonic’s speed is super fast, but his stamina is not so good – so you can try out different characters and see which one gets you the best results. There’s a wide selection of the characters to keep it interesting, and so that every player can find one who suits them.

Mario & Sonic at the rio 2016 olympic games screenshot

We found the controls quite easy to grasp, and the game suits the whole family. We played with our kids aged 4, 6 and 8, and the adults enjoyed the challenges too! For new players, I found the Olympic races simpler to grasp and more fun to play. My kids enjoyed the rugby and football challenges too, but I found those are a little trickier if you don’t know what you’re doing!

Mario & Sonic at the rio 2016 olympic games rugby sevens

When playing against your family at home, you can have up to four players each using a Wii U controller. This is the method of playing I like the most as it gets everyone together, and is fun family time.

You can also use your own Mii character and play multiplayer online as part of championship rounds, where players will get knocked out in the qualifiers and then semi finals, to find the ultimate winner. When you take part in these, you can earn prizes like special outfits, and some trophies for your Mii profile. If there aren’t enough online players to take part, then CPU characters will be inserted into the round instead.

The graphics in this Wii U game are great, and there is lots of detail. When walking around the plaza area, you can even go in and design a message to display up on the board there, or talk to various characters and learn facts about their countries which adds a bit of educational value as well.

From all of the games that are included, R and T’s favourite is boxing, Z’s is the 100m sprint, and my favourite would be the equestrian or bike races.

I would definitely recommend this game. It will be a great one to enjoy with the kids over the summer holidays, and of course to link in to this years 2016 Olympic games in Rio. I’m sure that we will continue to enjoy it long after the Olympics are finished too!

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