New Skylanders Supercharger Figures

My boys are huge Skylanders fans, and are eagerly looking forward to the release of the new Skylanders Imaginators game in the Autumn. While they’re waiting, they’re still enjoying playing and replaying on the current Skylanders game – Skylanders Superchargers.

We were sent a selection of new Skylanders Superchargers figures and vehicles to try out with the game, and they went down very well. The characters have plenty of detail and personality!

Skylanders Super Chargers figures

The characters and vehicles that we were sent are:


Nightfall is a dark element Skylander, who goes best with the “Sea Shadow” vehicle, to supercharge. Nightfall has cool purple and black detail, which appealed to my youngest who loves the dark characters.


Astroblast is a Skylander of the light element, and has a white and gold colour scheme in contrast to Nightfall. There is also a legendary version of Astroblast, which is black coloured. This Skylander goes best with the Sun Runner vehicle, to supercharge.


Thrillipede is a cheeky looking Skylander, of the life element. As a Life Skylander, his colour scheme is very green, and he super charges with the Buzzwing vehicle, which we were also sent.

skylander super chargers figures


The Buzzwing is a really cool looking vehicle! I love the detail on this, with the wings that are translucent and fold in and out. It’s definitely one of the nicest Superchargers vehicles in the boys’ collection.

If you’re new to Superchargers, the vehicles work by placing them on the portal at the same time as one of your Skylanders, and then the Skylander can ride that vehicle in the game, helping them to complete various bits of the game. If you pair up certain Skylanders and vehicles (like Thrillipede and Buzzwing) then they will Supercharge, giving the Skylander more power in that combination.

skylanders super chargers buzzwing

As with all of the Skylanders characters, each figure comes with a card in the box, which gives you more details on the Skylander and it’s abilities. My 8 year old particularly likes collecting these, to help him memorise all of the details and stats on each one.


Each of the Skylanders figures and vehicles are available for around £9.99 each, but prices can vary. My boys love to collect new figures, and I find they have a lot of play value outside of the console games too. When not playing Skylanders, they still love to line up their figures and make their own imaginary battles and stories, which is one of the great things about the Skylanders model as it allows for both on screen and off screen play time.

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