Gift Ideas for Grandma

Christmas gift ideas for your Grandma

Grandmas can be difficult to buy for. They’ve been around for a while now so seem to have everything that has ever been invented (apart from the really modern stuff that they don’t seem to care for obviously). For grandmas the best things to go for this Christmas are personal gifts such as flowers or photographs in an elegant photo frame. It’s always safe to go with practical items too, think of items that are always needed such as woolly jumpers for the winter! To make life easier for you when choosing what to get your grandma for Christmas, I’ve put a list of ideas that any grandma is sure to love.

6 Christmas gift ideas that Grandma is sure to love

Bouquet of flowers

Flowers are great to brighten up your grandmother’s home. Nothing says I love you more than a beautiful and luxurious bouquet of flowers. Find out from other family members what your grandma’s favourite flower is if you don’t already know. Try and choose colours that will brighten her home so that she doesn’t feel blue in January! You can buy them online to save you the hassle of going to a shop at the likes of Flowers Same Day.

Knitting kit
Knitting is a great skill to learn if your grandma doesn’t know how to do it already. She can knit lovely scarfs or jumpers, which is perfect for the winter months ahead of us. Even if she already knows how to knit, some more needles and wool wouldn’t go a miss.

Why not create a hamper with all your grandmas favourite treats. Fill it with her favourite tea bags, biscuits, jams and chutneys. Food is always needed, especially when celebrating over the festive period, so it will save her nipping out to the supermarket. It shows how much you know her and is a very thoughtful present.

Woolly jumper
If she’s not into knitting and won’t be making herself a woolly jumper any time soon, why don’t you buy her one? As the days are getting colder, your grandma needs to be wearing clothes that will keep her warm and keep her from getting the flu. Think about getting her a bright coloured jumper to keep her in high spirits.

Whether it’s a pair of slippers, a new nightie or dressing gown, nightwear is always appreciated by grandmas this time of year. Similar to the jumper idea, it’s important that they keep warm! Buy it from the likes of Marks and Spencer’s or BHS just in case they don’t like what you have chosen. That way it’s easy for them to swap them for something they like better. These types of shops have a wide range of nightwear for all ages, so it’s unlikely that they’ll find it difficult finding something they prefer.

Family photo
What could make a grandma more proud than a picture frame full of the family she has raised? Why not get a family portrait done, especially for your grandma. She will proudly stand it in her front room and most likely show it to every guest she has round!

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