Breville Blend-Active Review

The Breville Blend-Active is a blender that combines with its own special bottles to make smoothie making even quicker and easier than ever.

We’ve been using the Breville Blend-Active family pack recently, and I love it. I’m a big fan of convenience and mess free, and the Breville Blend Active does both of these things really well.

With the family pack you get the Breville Blend-Active blender and then a set of 4 drinking bottles : 2 large (600ml) and 2 small (300ml) which are better for children.

The quickest and most convenient way to make smoothies - this has got our family drinking these much more often, a great way to get fruit into the kids

To make your smoothie or juice, you just put your ingredients directly into the bottle – screw the blade onto the top, then turn it upside down and attach it to the blender. Press the blend button on the front and within a few seconds your drink is done. It is so much faster than my previous method of using a stick blender (we had other blenders which are a pain to take apart and clean so I had been sticking with the stick blender for convenience, but not any more)

making smoothies in breville blend activeThe Breville Blend Active can blend and crush ice as long as there is some liquid in the container too, which makes it easier to make a refreshing cold drink quickly. The ingredients you can see in the above picture are raspberries, orange juice and ice which made a lovely refreshing fruity drink.

raspberry crush in breville blend activeUsing the Breville Blend Active will be a great way to encourage the family to eat more fruit as it’s so easy and convenient, and the kids were very interested in all the yummy drinks we have been making. The smaller bottles are easy for them to drink out of and it’s so easy to just make up a batch of smoothies in all the bottles and keep them in the fridge ready for whenever the kids want them, to grab after school or at breakfast time.

We’ve been making lots of juices and smoothies, and the kids have been keen to suggest new ingredients and varieties so I’m sure we will continue to make lots more. I’ve also made mango lassi in the Blend Active as a treat for the boys, since they love it.

mango lassi in breville blend activeYou can buy Breville Blend -Active personal blender from shops including Amazon where it’s currently a #1 bestseller (for good reason) and on offer for £19.50 (RRP £29.99 – Offer price correct upon publication but may fluctuate) or go for the Family Pack like ours for £29.99 (RRP £34.99) Whichever one you go for I think it’s a great buy!

Breville Blend-Active


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