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Math can seem intimidating for many children, and teaching it requires effective strategies that can foster an understanding of numbers and mathematical concepts.

In this blog post, we are sharing an invaluable tool to help achieve this: Free Printable Blank Number Line Worksheets.

These printable worksheets are a great resource that can simplify and make math fun for learners. Whether it’s basic addition, subtraction, or understanding place value, the use of a number line can be a game-changer in your lesson plans.

We have a set of free printable number line worksheets with complete and blank number lines from 0-10, 0-20, -5 to 5 and -10 to 10 and we also have a free pack of printable number lines with fun backgrounds.

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What is a Number Line?

A number line is a visual aid that represents a series of numbers on a straight line. It’s an effective way to teach mathematical concepts, such as the value of numbers, quantity of an item, and number sequences.

Number lines can include whole numbers, positive and negative integers, decimal numbers, and fractions, all arranged in ascending order.

In our printable PDFs, available to download at the end of this blog post, you’ll find different types of number lines, including simple number lines for beginners, number lines 0-20, open number lines for kids to create their own, and even negative number lines. For instance, the blank number lines allow children to create their own using skip counting such as 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10, 20, 30, 40 and work on their wider understand of numbers , while the negative number line worksheet helps students grasp the concept of negative integers.

free printable number line worksheets

How to Use a Number Line?

Number lines are a fantastic tool to build strong number sense, helping children to visualize and understand numbers. To use a number line, start at the first number and count forwards or backwards along the line to find the correct number.

Our blank templates also provide an opportunity to fill in missing numbers, which can be an engaging activity for kids to learn about number patterns. For example, you can use the blank number line template to create a sequence of 2-digit numbers or mixed numbers.

free printable blank number line worksheets

It can also be used as a subtraction worksheet or an addition worksheet, allowing students to physically ‘jump’ along the number line to solve math problems.

If you want to combine these free printable number line worksheets with a physical hands on learning activity, combine it with our LEGO number line activity which can really help to solidify the learning.

Using Number Line to Understand Negative Numbers

One great way to teach negative numbers is using a number line. The line visually depicts that negative numbers are less than zero, thereby showing the relationship between positive and negative integers.

A negative number line can help students recognize that negative numbers are smaller numbers than positive numbers, and it’s a beneficial tool for understanding subtraction of fractions and other math operations.

free printable negative numbers negative integer number line worksheets

Number Problems Using Number Line Worksheets

To illustrate, let’s look at a few number problems that kids can solve using the number line worksheets

  1. Addition: If you are at 3 on the number line and you need to add 5, you would move five places forward. Where would you end up? Correct! You would end up at 8.
  2. Subtraction: If you are at 7 on the number line and you need to subtract 4, you would move four places backward. Where would you end up? Yes, you would end up at 3.

Remember, using a number line to solve math problems is just like playing a game of hops – you jump forward for addition and jump backward for subtraction!

Fun Design Number Line Mats: Adding Creativity to Learning Numbers

Engaging young minds in learning numbers can be made even more enjoyable with our Fun Design Number Line Mats. We’ve created a variety of designs, ranging from playful playground scenes to energetic basketball courts, from relaxing beach vistas to exciting funfairs. Each design offers a vibrant and engaging backdrop to the numerical world, making learning an imaginative and immersive experience.

free printable number line mats for kids, numbers 0-10

However, children are unique in their ways of learning. Some may find these colorful designs engaging and stimulating, while others might find them distracting. It’s important to observe your child or students and use resources that best cater to their learning styles. If these mats capture their attention and fuel their imagination, they can be an excellent tool to spark enthusiasm and increase engagement in learning numbers. It’s also a great way to tie in your kiddos interests and themes that they love by choosing different number lines mats such as fairies or basketball.

For optimal use, we recommend laminating these number line mats. Once laminated, they can be a durable and reusable resource in your math area, ready to be pulled out again and again at anytime. Whether used for individual practice or group activities, these mats are a wonderful way to inject fun into math lessons, making learning a delightful adventure.

Fairy Woodland Number Line Mat 0-10

Embark on a magical journey through numbers with our Fairy Woodland Number Line Mat, where learning numbers from 0-10 becomes an enchanting adventure.

fairy woodland number line mat for numbers 0-10 addition and subtraction

Basketball Number Line Mat 0-10

Score big in mathematics with our Basketball Number Line Mat, where every number jump feels like a slam dunk!

basketball number line mat for numbers 0-10 addition and subtraction

Playground Number Line Mat 0-10

Swing into learning with our Playground Number Line Mat, turning each number from 0-10 into a delightful playtime.

playground number line mat for numbers 0-10 addition and subtraction

Funfair Number Line Mat 0-10

Step right up and join the fun of numbers with our Funfair Number Line Mat, making learning from 0-10 as exciting as a thrilling amusement ride.

fairground number line mat for numbers 0-10 addition and subtraction

Beach Number Line Mat 0-10

Dive into the sea of numbers with our Beach Number Line Mat, making the journey from 0-10 as refreshing as a seaside vacation.

beach theme number line mat for numbers 0-10 addition and subtraction

Word Problems for Your Number Line Mats

Word problems are a fantastic way to bring practical and engaging context to math lessons. Here are a few specially crafted problems that you can solve using our themed number line mats:

  1. Fairy Woodland Number Line Mat 0-10:Fairy Daisy has 6 magical flowers and Fairy Luna gives her 2 more. How many magical flowers does Daisy have now? Use the number line to help Daisy count her flowers.
  2. Basketball Number Line Mat 0-10:James scored 4 points in the basketball game. Then he scores another 3 points. How many points does James have in total? Use the basketball-themed number line to add up his points.
  3. Funfair Number Line Mat 0-10:At the funfair, Sally wins 7 stuffed animals from various games. She gives 2 to her little brother. How many stuffed animals does Sally have left? Use the funfair-themed number line to find the answer.
  4. Playground Number Line Mat 0-10:Tommy finds 5 cool rocks in the playground. After some more searching, he finds 3 more. How many rocks does Tommy have altogether? Use the playground-themed number line to add up Tommy’s rocks.
  5. Beach Number Line Mat 0-10:Billy collects 8 seashells at the beach, but he loses 3 of them on his way home. How many seashells does Billy have now? Use the beach-themed number line to help Billy count his seashells.

Remember to encourage children to use their number line mats to visualize and solve these problems, reinforcing the practical application of their math skills in fun and engaging contexts!

Download Printable Number Line Worksheets PDF

Click below to download the blank number line worksheets in PDF format.

Free for personal use and classroom use, not for commercial use.

This printable number lines pack is the worksheets and the mats are in the 2nd below file beneath this one.


  • Number lines 0-10
  • Number lines 0-20
  • Negative number lines
  • Blank number lines

Download Fun Number Line Mats PDF

Click below to download the themed number line mats printable, these are the 0-10 number lines in the themes shown above.

Terms of use: free for personal use, free for classroom use, not for commercial use.

Our Free Printable Blank Numberline Worksheets are a great resource to enhance math skill in an engaging way. They provide a visual aid to grasp a range of mathematical concepts from basic addition and subtraction to understanding the value of numbers and negative integers.

We encourage you to incorporate these worksheets into your lesson plans and experience how they can transform math learning into a fun and productive activity.

They are also perfect for social studies, teaching important aspects of number line model. Download these printable number line PDFs and make math learning a breeze!

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