Flags of the World Game

Flags of the World game from Tactic is a fun and educational game that my boys (6, 8 and 10) all enjoyed playing, and it really helps with your knowledge of the world. It is quite challenging, but the more you play it, the more you’ll pick up and soon you will be a real geography buff! My kids have all been even more interested in the countries of the world recently with the World Cup taking place, so they were very keen to play this, and drawn in straight away by the name and box of this game.

The game involves recognising and correctly identifying different flags of the world, and then correctly placing them into the right continent. If you can’t guess the country by it’s flag, then you get up to two clues to help you work out what the country might be. The clues give you hints on things like neighbouring countries, or well known features of that country, just to give you a nudge in the right direction.

Here are a few examples…

When playing the game, each player (between 2-6 players) has their own individual board where they have four flags for the other players to guess. There is no central board, so the game is quite compact both in the box size, and the space that you need to play.

My boys really enjoyed the challenge of this game, as did I. They actually managed to beat me with their flag knowledge, which quite impressed me. They will definitely learn even more if they continue to play this game, and it is a very fun way to pick up this world knowledge.

The game is recommended for 8 year and upwards, but I would say it really depends on whether they have a knowledge and interest in world geography. My youngest boy is 6, nearly 7, but he is very interested in flags and countries and has a world map and flags poster up in his room so he has been learning as many as possible already, so he managed below the recommended age. If a child isn’t already familiar with many flags then I do think they may struggle with it being quite challenging. It is challenging even for adults, but definitely fun at the same time.

200 different countries of the world are included, so can choose to play with all of them, or you could select certain continents and play only with those. Or for younger children, I would probably go through and select the “easier” ones (ones they may be familar with) and start with just those, and then work up. It’s quite flexible, and you can include varying amounts of cards in the game play to make it last longer or shorter. Amounts are suggested depending how many players you have.

Flags of the World is available from Smyths and priced at 12.99

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