i-TOPs Electronic Spinning Tops Review

i-TOPs are a new and addictive spinning top toy from Character that have been an instant hit with my kids, and are perfect for taking on the go. They are ideal for keeping hands busy, and have a wide appeal for all ages.

There are six colours available, and we were sent three different colours so the boys could have one each. I have been sneaking a few gos myself too, as it’s hard to resist! It really is a great toy to get the family together and is something adults can enjoy alongside the kids.

The i-TOPs are about the size of your palm, and the spinner stick bit can fold down making them even more compact. They come with the batteries already included, so they’re good to go straight out of the box.

Playing with them is pretty intuitive, and when you first get spinning you will notice straight away that the i-TOPs light up, and your number of spins is shown on the top. This brings in a competitive element whether you’re playing alone and want to beat your personal best, or to challenge your friends and family. Each i-TOP remembers your best score, and your last score, so you can keep a track of your personal record. (This is why having a different colour for each family member helps too!)

It’s best to spin on a flat surface, like a table or wooden floor rather than carpet, although you can try them anywhere. The boys even tried spinning them on their balance beam for a little bit more of an added challenge.

Once you’ve mastered the basic spin, there are a few challenges to work on with your i-TOP which are a bit more difficult. The first challenge, which we did manage to master after a few attempts, is the 99 challenge. The aim is to stop the i-TOP at exactly 99 spins. If you master it, then you’ll gain a star animation each time your i-TOP lights up. The more times you get a perfect 99, the more stars you will add!

There’s another challenge enabling you to turn the i-TOP into a compass, and secret animations that will be unlocked when you hit specific numbers like 314 for Pi, or 214 for Valentines day.

i-TOPs are available from toy shops including Character Online or Amazon, for a RRP of 14.99 each. I would definitely recommend these as they are great fun, and the small size makes them very handy for travelling too. I’m sure we will be taking them away with us on holiday this Summer!

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