Brio Stacking Clown Review

Brio’s Stacking Clown is a lovely traditional wooden toy for young children of around 12 months and upwards. This has been a definite hit with my toddler N and she has much preferred it over the plastic stacking rings we previously had.

The clown stacker comes with a base and eight wooden pieces to stack, each with a hole in the middle making it easy to slot them onto the base pole.

All of the pieces have very smooth edges and are lovely bright colours. You can feel that all of the pieces are good quality, and they are lovely to handle.

The pieces can be stacked on in any order that your child chooses, or made to replicate the proper clown design that’s on the box.

When we first started playing the toy, I could see N really concentrating to get the pieces on correctly, and the more she’s been playing with it, she’s been able to master it much more easily. It’s a great activity to help with concentration, and hand eye coordination, and you can easily bring in some discussion on the colours or counting the pieces, helping to learn as they play.

The bottom of the stacker has the Brio brand name printed, which for me when I see BRIO I know that the toy will be good quality. The top has the detail of the clown face, and a cute little hat.

The Brio Stacking Clown is a lovely colourful toy to help babies and toddler’s development, and also looks cute when displayed on a bedroom or playroom shelf. I would definitely recommend this for babies around 1 year old, and it would make a great 1st birthday present!

This toy is available on the BRIO website or in stores such as John Lewis or Amazon with a RRP of 17.99


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