Five Fun Tips for Travelling with Children

Five Fun Tips for Travelling with Children

Travelling with children can be both rewarding and a lot of hard work, but is highly educational for your little tykes too so make sure you don’t miss out on doing so! We’ve put together some fun filled tips to make it a little easier for you. We all know the basics by now, right?

five fun ideas for travelling with children

Take A Camera
Pick up a kiddie friendly camera and let them snap away; you might be shocked by what they end up taking photos of. It also keeps them interested in what is around them and should hopefully be super fun for them.

Get App-y
A lot of parents can be anti-tech for young children, but having a tablet with a few apps in which your children can play on can make for a far easier journey. Colouring in apps will save you carrying around heavy books and pencil cases too! Make sure you know

Create A Travel Journal
Encourage your children to pick up postcards of where you visit, keep tickets and take photographs to build a travel journal when they are home. It’s also a nice idea if you pick up a map of the area you are staying and get your children to mark of the places they visit along the way so they won’t forget anything! This means they will have something to keep them busy at home with too.

Invest in a Trunki
A Trunki is a great way to get children involved in packing so they have an interest in the holiday from the get-go. It also has little wheels so your child can sit on the case and propel themselves along, or you can pull them along with an attached handle. They’re also a great way to keep them occupied whilst in the airport, but make sure they burn off some energy if the airport has a soft play area so they aren’t storing pent up energy on the flight.

Packing the Trunki/Travel Bag
What you put in your child bag is key; taking lots of paper and pens will be heavy, so why not invest in a Mini Magna-Doodle, this means your children can draw freely over and over again without having to use your tablet. Don’t take noisy toys as this can upset other passengers but make sure you pack a couple of their favourites. Window cling-ons are always a great idea for younger children; they are pretty inexpensive, do no damage to the plane and can bring hours of entertainment.

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