Fish Finger Pizza

Fish fingers and pizzas are both popular favourites with most children so this fun recipe from Bird’s Eye combining both of these dinner items is bound to be a hit! This is another quick and easy recipe that can be rustled up in a few minutes after school using products from your freezer.

Quick and easy fun dinner idea for kids - Fish finger pizza!Fish Finger Pizza Recipe

For the Topping

  • Cook the Bird’s Eye fish fingers (2 per person), the Bird’s Eye Field Fresh Supersweet Sweetcorn and the Bird’s Eye Field Fresh garden peas as per pack instructions
  • Spread tomato sauce (use tinned chopped tomatos or ready made pasta sauce) over the naan bread and scatter some peas and sweetcorn over the top

To Prepare

  • Chop up the fish fingers and place them onto the naan bread
  • Scatter a little grated cheese on top to finish.
  • Place in the oven for 12-15 minutes at 200c

It will definitely be tasty and easy, and suitable for either lunch or dinner time.

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What are your favourite quick and easy dinner ideas for the kids?

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