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The weather is turning much colder, and we are spending more time in doors. While snuggled up on the sofa, what could be better for all the family to wear than some nice warm onesies! Of course, we had seen lots of onesies around over the past couple of years but we had not actually tried any until Asda sent us some onesies for all the family from their George at Asda clothing range.

onesie2I really liked the children’s selections of onesies as they are so warm and so casual, and they have plenty of onesies that are not just for pyjamas but for day time wear. There is slightly less variety in the adults range I felt, but we still managed to select a onesie each and we have found them very comfy to wear.

Check out the full range of boys onesies and girls onesies on the Asda site and here are all the onesies that we selected for our family:

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From left to right, top to bottom:

As you would expect from George at Asda these are very reasonable prices and the quality is good. The children’s and mens onesies are all a cotton hoody / jogging trousers type material which feels really nice and soft. The women’s onesie is fluffy and polyester which is comfy and warm, but I prefer the cotton type material. The women’s range is a lot more like sleepwear in style whereas the mens and childrens include a lot more of the sporty look designs.

All of the kids are very keen on their onesies and happily wear them, but Mr R loves his the most since it is a spiderman suit!

spiderman2 spidermanThis is perfect for him. He seems to have developed a bit of a Spiderman obsession at the moment, but I wouldn’t like him to go around in a thin and flimsy dress up spiderman costume for too long in this cold winter weather. With the Spiderman onesie, I have no issues though since he is wrapped up nice and warm, which is more appropriate for the weather. If he had his way, he would wear his new Spiderman onesie 24/7! It would also work as a Halloween costume, if you are taking your child out for trick and treating in the cold then I think it would be perfect. The superhero design onesies are available in other designs too like Batman or Transformers.

The older two boys and their dad all have more of the sporty designs, and I think they all look great in them! I hadn’t really thought of onesies for casual wear before, thinking that it was more of a pyjamas thing but actually it does look great on them for daytime wear.

onesieAs for my one, since it’s fluffy it wouldn’t be suitable for outdoors but when wearing it at home the kids love to snuggle up with me on the sofa, since it is extra soft and snuggly. Their reaction seeing the onesie for the first time was “mum, you look like a polar bear!!” which was quite cute.

I would recommend George at Asda for their range of onesies for all the family, and I would definitely think of buying some more next year. They are really practical and handy for the winter and I’m sure they will get a lot of use.


We were provided with the onesies in order to review. 

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