Feel Pregnancy Supplement – Starting A Family Is Not Always That Easy

Trigger Warning – Starting A Family Is Not Always That Easy

When my husband and I decided to start a family, little did we know that the ride would not be as simple as we expected. To be quite honest we didn’t expect anything but to just get pregnant straight away like we see everyone else doing. How naïve were we to think that would be us. Well it was not, and it was hard and heart breaking and if you can relate to my story and do not have any triggers regarding infertility I would love to invite you to stick with me on this post.

This is a sweet and sour part of my journey that I love to share today in collaboration with Feel Pregnancy supplement. I hope it can shine a light of hope to couples going through the same struggles we did.

Growing up in a very full house surrounded by children and always having someone pregnant around, infertility was never something to even think about. In my opinion is actually quite the opposite. As teenage girls we are indoctrinated to think that pregnancy is something that happens really easy therefore we, as women should use some sort of contraception. The fear was real so we just did what we were supposed to do and hoped and prayed we would not get pregnant.

At 33 my motherhood clock alarm started buzzing so loud all I could think about was to have a baby. After a few chats I finally convinced my husband that we were ready (we never are) and that in fact, the right time is not really a thing (considering we will never be ready) and we should just start trying and so our long and stressful journey began.

We tried to get pregnant naturally for 1 year. A couple of false alarms and a whole year later we decided to see a Fertility Specialist, the absolute best we could find while living in Dubai. That sweet man will forever be in my heart. His patience and kindness made the whole process so much lighter for us. After a lot of googling I decided it was time to get both of us checked by a doctor and see where was the “problem”.

Let me tell you that after a year I was feeling defeated, a failure and a complete terrible human being. I remember repeating to myself that the only job I was meant to do (have babies) have failed. It was a very dark place to be. I was sad, anxious and very angry at myself. I just didn’t understand why it was taking so long and why it was not working. We were both healthy people and I was doing everything right, or at least I thought I was doing.

Turns out that getting pregnant is not that simple for everyone. Is not just a natural thing that just happens and in fairness if you research the intricate details that need to align for pregnancy to occur you will see that it is not that easy. It’s not not only timing it right, but the chemicals in both your partner’s and your body have to be working in harmony for it all to combine and make a baby.

I won’t get technical because to be honest I forgot a lot of it but at some point I considered myself an expert on this topic. I was obsessed and knew all the methods to enhance my chances and all the acronyms related to fertility. I thought I was literally going insane at some point. That’s why infertility shouldn’t be a taboo topic because the more you talk about it the more people can relate and the more educated we get.

Back to the Fertility Specilist’s office and after a long list of tests we had to take some supplements and follow his lead on the next steps. I had no idea of how important our body chemicals have to be balanced out for us to get pregnant. Yes for us it was a bit simpler and we did get pregnant eventually but for some people it is not that simple and you may need more help. But again, the more we talk about it the less of a difficult topic it is and hopefully less heartache. There are a lot of supplement brands in the market and it can get overwhelming to pick one. And you will want the absolute best when it comes to supporting your body into being healthy and prepared for a baby and also during pregnancy.

Feel is a company with a mission to reinvent the UK’s supplements industry by offering the cleanest and highest quality Pregnancy supplements and offers you an expertly-formulated pregnancy supplement that you and your baby deserve. Their formula built to assist fertility, foetal development, help to reduce nausea and contribute to your overall health and energy levels.

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Postnatally, Feel Pregnancy will support breast milk quality and production, as well as balancing your nutritional levels for a healthy and happy postpartum period.

Trust me, when you hop on the TTC (Trying To Conceive) train you will need the best you can get your hands on and this for sure is a great choice. Getting pregnant is not always easy and we need to talk more openly about this. My advice would be trust your instincts. If you feel like something isn’t right ask for help. Have the courage to get the information you need and act on it. There are more people in the same situation than you can imagine.

I remember feeling like the Infertility Wagon was a sadly exclusive place for a small amount of people but I was wrong. It happens a lot and we can help each other so much once we connect and talk about it. So if you, just like me went through it I hope things worked out for you the best way possible. And if you are going through it now there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed about and you will eventually find the answers you are so dearly looking for. I wish you love and good luck in your journey.

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