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Our family is always looking out for new snacks to try, so I was very curious to try out Love Corn as it’s something different to the usual snacks we have at home. Love Corn is a crunchy snack made up of corn that has been roasted and seasoned – and it tastes so good! This snack was a hit with all four of my kids, and is great for adults too. It’s brilliant to discover a new snack that suits all ages within our family and it comes in a few flavours to keep some variety.

The four flavours available are Sea Salt, Salt & Vinegar; Smoked BBQ and Habanero Chilli and they are available in a variety of bag sizes: 20g snack pack, 45g portion size and 115g for sharing.

Love Corn is plant based, vegan, gluten free, verified Kosher and Non GMO which is great if you struggle to find snacks fitting these dietary needs. The ingredients are as simple as they get, just corn that’s been roasted then seasoned – no need to overcomplicate something so crunchin’ good!

Lately with the good weather, we have been enjoying these Love Corn snacks outside a lot for picnic vibes but they are also ideal for movie nights and make an interesting alternative to traditional popcorn, or crisps.

If you would like to try these snacks out for yourself, visit to claim a free LOVE CORN Sample Pack of our Fab Four Flavours, you just have to pay £1.99 shipping, which is a great deal.

If you would like to make an order on the Love Corn site, use the code CRUNCH20 for a 20% off discount!

We would definitely recommend trying them, the crunchy texture is so satisfying and the flavours are so good. I’m sure we will continue buying these snacks in the future and add them to our usual snack rotations.

For your chance to win a package of Love Corn products, take a look over at our instagram page where we will be running a competition!

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