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Every so often, I like to show you all some of the most interesting new food products we have been trying out lately. It’s been a while since I’ve posted any of these, so I have plenty to share!

First up: Plum – Mighty 4
plum mighty 4

These are squeezable snack pouches for toddlers, containing 4 food groups (fruit, vegetables, dairy and ancient grains) rather than simply fruit or vegetable puree. I was really interested in the sound of these straight away. Mr T is not a good eater at all, maybe due partly to his ASD, so I do give him the fruit pouches quite often as a way to get him to eat different types of fruit that he wouldn’t eat if they were whole. Anything that makes it easier for him to try new tastes and flavours is a good thing for me, as I am really trying to expand his diet a bit more.

At first when I offered him these, he would not try it at all as he recognised the packaging was something new and different and he was  a bit sceptical about it, but after a while I did manage to get him to try one. Once he saw the other two children eating it, he was happier to try and in the end he liked it. I tried a bit of one myself just to see what it was like before giving to the children, and they are less sweet than the fruit puree pouches but quite nice. I would buy more of these as they are handy to have as a snack or something extra for Mr T’s lunch box. The Plum Mighty4 pouches are 100% organic, contain no added sugar or salt and are free from all additives, artificial flavourings, colours and preservatives.

Nothing But Snacks and Fru Snax

nothing but snacks and fru snax healthy snacks

These are both low calorie snacks which are pretty healthy. I enjoyed the Fru snax, which are a blend of yoghurt and fruit. They were really tasty and only 45 calories for a bag of snacks is pretty good.

The Nothing But Snacks are dried vegetables, with nothing added. They are such a healthy alternative to eating fried or even baked potato crisps, and count as 1 of your 5 a day. I love the idea of them and I wish that I did like the taste more as it would be better for me to eat those as a snack! Unfortunately I didn’t like the taste so much, as I found the vegetable taste quite strong so I wasn’t able to finish a whole packet of them (Mr R happily ate them though!). Although I really liked the idea of them I don’t know if I would buy these, but I would buy the Fru Snax.

Special K Granola

special k granola

I’ve always been a fan of Special K so I was keen to try out the new granola. The two flavours available are Raisins and Red Apples and Cranberry, Pumpkin Seeds and Almonds. These are 30 per cent less fat than most other granolas which is great to know, especially as granola seems quite healthy anyway so these are even healthier. The recipe contains fives grains: oats, Barley, Wheat, Spelt, and Rye and is also fortified with iron and 6B vitamins.

I really enjoyed the taste of these, and it’s a really filling breakfast. I am very much a breakfast person, it’s my favourite meal of the day and I have to have something I enjoy eating at breakfast otherwise I get quite grumpy in the morning! These did the job very well and I would buy these in future. I would say my favourite is the Raisins and Red Apples and Cranberry but I like both of them.

There will be a competition coming up on the blog to win 2 cases of these Special K granolas, so keep a look out for that and come and enter!

Pidy Pastries

pidy pastry

I have also been trying out some of the innovative new products from the Pidy pastry range*. These are all made with the award winning pastry recipe that the Pidy family initially created in their little patisserie shop in Ypres, Belgium back in 1952. The products are very convenient to use and handy, as they are ready prepared so you can quickly fill them with the filling of your choice. These are the bouchees shown above, which come in a pack of 4. I filled them with a mixture of roast vegetables to make a savory snack.

pidy pastry bouchees vegetable filling

The bouchees are not so deep, so you won’t need too much filling to prepare these snacks.

Pidy also offer edible spoonettes in the range, which can be eaten with either sweet or savory fillings, and a range of veggie cups.

Cherizena Coffee

I have really been enjoying the Cherizena coffee varieties I’ve tried. Most recently we tried the Banoffee Pie variety. The sound of this appealed to me before I even tried, as I love banoffee! We make our Cherizena coffee in a filter coffee machine and use the medium ground beans. We also tried their Ethiopian Yirocheffe coffee, which has quite a strong flavour and is really nice. It’s the first time I’ve tried an Ethiopian coffee blend, and I really enjoyed it. I love drinking Cherizena coffee on weekend mornings. In the week I’m often rushing around and make do with instant coffee, but these are so much nicer really. I should use my coffee machine every day!

Barny Cake Bars

barny cake bars #littleadventure

The boys have been enjoying these Barny** cake bars in strawberry and apple flavour. They are a perfect snack for them, with the friendly teddy bear shape and fruit filling. They are sweet enough that the boys see them as a real treat to have.

We were given our Barny cake bars to take on a special winter #littleadventure so the boys eagerly collected their things ready for a fun picnic outing in the park. Mr Z had brought along some gold coins to make a treasure hunt in the park, and Mr T had brought his magnifying glass, along with some Barny snacks each of course!

barny #littleadventure

Unfortunately our little adventure did not go as planned, when we arrived at the park with our Barny snacks I had not realised now badly that area would be affected by flooding and the whole place was pretty much a giant muddy puddle. We tried our best to wade through it to access the park but it just wasn’t happening – we were sinking in to the mud!! Luckily the Barny snack did cheer them up when we had to abandon our first ideas and go back to the car.

flooding in watford

Finally: Beanies Yogart

beanies yogart

Look out for more details on this soon, I will be experimenting with yoghurt making and I will of course let you all know how I get on!

food3bakingThe children have also been sent some baking supplies from Unique Home Living so I’m looking forward to doing some baking with them after school one day this week. They love it!

What do you think to these products? Which ones would you like to try? Let me know in the comments!

Disclaimer: All PR Samples provided for inclusion on the blog. *Pidy Pastry: Thanks to food PR agency CLIP Creative and PR for the samples ** This post is an entry for BritMums ‘Winter Little Adventures Challenge’ sponsored by Barny, individually wrapped bear-shaped sponges with a hidden filling. Find out more about Barny here

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  1. Wow Anna you lot have been busy eating and testing!

    We also had some plum pouches and have to admit i have never been a fan of these baby foods. However my daughter has been poorly this week and they are the only things i can get her to eat!
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