Project 52: 8

I have 7 pictures to share this Sunday, so perhaps I could have actually committed to 365 (although they are not all from different days!) As you will see from one my photos, I have a very exciting new camera! It arrived in the middle of the week, but with half term and family stuff we have been pretty busy and I have not had a chance to play with it yet. Once the kids are back to school tomorrow, I will definitely be spending a lot more time with it. I have loads to learn!

This weeks pictures are all taken with my iPhone 5s, and hopefully next weekend I’ll show you some with my new camera πŸ˜€


Waiting to see the Tree Fu Tom show at Westfield. We met up with mary and her son from to watch the show and have an afternoon at Westfield. All the kids enjoyed the show. I think Mr T enjoyed it the most he was dancing around and when he saw Tree Fu Tom he said “wow” πŸ™‚


Mr Z on the same afternoon. I let them choose a toy each from the Entertainer and they all chose a die cast Cars 2 character each. Mr Z was enjoying racing it around everywhere!



More fun in the Westfield entrance area. Mr Z made friends with a couple of other kids who were waiting around there at the same time. I love how kids randomly do that.


Mr T wearing his new Tractor Ted top we were sent earlier in the week. It’s great to find a new character for them to get to know.

5285We also had a fun afternoon with an old favourite character, Postman Pat! We went for a #patmemories screening event to watch some old and some new episodes in the cinema. The boys all loved it and we are all excited to see the Postman Pat movie (yes, including me!)


Ta-Daaaa! My new camera, as I mentioned above. I can’t wait to start learning with it and hopefully improve my photography.

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  1. Ohh nice camera. I saw from your comments to henna on FB that you had got it – please can you teach me how to use once you have mastered it! I would love to be good at photography


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