My Favourite Views in London, with Vileda Windomatic

Living in London, we’re lucky to have so many great views in our beautiful city, whether from some of the tallest buildings, or outdoors from the top of some of London’s hills. Some of the views I would recommend in London are:

The Coca Cola London Eye: This one is a must if you haven’t ridden it before. It’s one of the more fun ways to get a good view across London. We’ve been on a few times, as we sometimes take family and friends when they’re visiting the UK.

Primrose Hill: This one is best in Spring or Summer, when the weather is quite nice. You can sit and enjoy a picnic or kite flying while looking out over the skyline of London. It’s fun to spot all of the buildings that you can recognise, and they have a board up that will help you to identify them too if needed.


The Gherkin: Many of the taller buildings in the city have bars or restaurants at the top, which have brilliant views. My brother used to work in the Gerkin building a few years back, so we took the chance to go up to the restaurant there and enjoy the food and the view – both were great!

Another great option, for the high rise buildings, would be the View from the Shard. We actually haven’t been to this yet, but as the Shard is Europe’s tallest building it has to be good!

Our view at home is not so exciting at the moment, with scaffolding up at the front and back of our house! But once our renovation work is finished, we will have our bedroom up on the top floor of our house so we should get a better view from there – hopefully to the park behind our house. To help keep our windows sparkling and streak-free, and make our view the best it can be, Vileda sent us their Windomatic Window Vac to try out.


The Vileda Windomatic works like a handheld vacuum cleaner with a squeegee, to suck up all of the dirty water after washing your windows, meaning that you won’t get any streaks left behind – just clean shiny windows! It’s really easy to put together out of the box, and very easy to use. It’s rechargeable and dishwasher safe too!

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Image credits: London Eye, and Primrose Hill Wikipedia User:Diliff

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