Nattou Baby Toys Review & Giveaway

There are so many cute toys around for babies. With our new addition due in just a couple of weeks, I’ve been preparing and getting a few little toys ready for her. We were sent some Nattou soft toys from Precious Little One and they are so lovely. They’re offering one In The Playroom reader the chance to win one of these toys too, so don’t forget to enter the giveaway at the end of the post!


Nattou Musical Rose the Elephant

This is a lovely multi purpose toy, which is soft and snuggly but also plays music to soothe baby. The music is easily activated by pulling down on the cord at the bottom of the toy, which means that it doesn’t need batteries as it’s just powered by this mechanism, which makes life easier as you have no need to replace batteries, and there’s no battery pack inside the toy to make it harder or heavier. The music box inside the toy is also waterproof, so you can even put it inside the washing machine – very handy!

There are lots of gorgeous little details on the toy. I particularly like the plaited tail, and you have a little flower on the head and different texture inside the ears. So cute!


See it on the Precious Little One website here

Nattou Cuddly Noa the Horse

While the musical Rose is a very girly toy, this one is perfect for either girls or boys – so would make a great gift for any surprise babies where parents have chosen to stay on “team yellow” until they arrive, and will fit well in any nursery too since it’s a really neutral design.

Like the musical Rose, this toy is super super soft and really snuggly! I love the chubby plush legs on it, and like the Rose it also has a really cute plaited tail detail.


See it on the Precious Little One website here


For your chance to win a Nattou Cuddly Noa the Horse, enter via the Gleam widget below

Precious Little One

Good luck!

131 thoughts on “Nattou Baby Toys Review & Giveaway”

  1. Lovely looks so soft love the it’s good for yellow bumps as some of us don’t like.finding out the sex of bubs lovely love it .x

  2. They’re both adorable…love the fact that the music boxes are waterproof – many a toy have I lost to the curse of the washing machine memory loss! 😉 Happy New Year. x

  3. Love the fact that they are so cute, but have a “job”. They just look like a “normal” cuddly toy but then they play music as well. Great combination. Thanks for the chance.

  4. Ooooh they are adorable! Even in the photos they look really soft. They also look the perfect side. As some ‘baby’ ones are tiny which is nice but too small for them to actually try and reach out too when they grow and then others are massive. As you can tell…I’m a bit picky but I love these!
    Congrats on your extra Christmas present by the way, she looks adorable.

  5. When my dad worked away, he used to live in a static caravan for 10 months of the year. He used to collect cuddly teddy bears, not because he wanted someone to talk to, just that the looked good!! :). Kept them for years and years until he moved back home.

  6. so much lovlier than the teddies that were on the market when I was yonger (all them years ago lol) absolutely beautiful x

  7. These cuddly toys are absolutely adorable. I love the fact that they are neutral colours so are perfect for both girls and boys. They look so soft and snuggly!


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