What’s the Story – My Favourite Photo!

facebokcoverThere is a new Linky out over at the lovely PODcast blog. It’s another photo linky, but with a difference in that it asks you to explain all about the photo and tell the story. Love the idea of this so I am really happy to be joining in and showing my support. I have to admit, I have been told off from Silent Sunday before for not being Silent enough – what can I say, I talk too much and always seem to have the urge to explain the backstory behind the pictures, so this may end up being more my kind of Photo Linky.

Where better to start, than with my header image as this is the first picture you see when you come on the blog. It’s also my personal Facebook header, and it is on my phone cover too. I would say it’s my favourite picture of my three boys, or because I am a bit indecisive, it is at least definitely in my top 5 😀

This picture was taken around September, almost a year ago now! So they would be (L-R), just over 1 year, 4 years, and 2 and a half.

I can never ever seem to manage to get them all to stay still and pose for a decent picture together, so when I manage to snap one unexpectedly with them all in it and it comes out nicely, then it’s great! This was taken in our back garden, and I was really happy that we had just bought that outside table to enable me to do crafts and painting with them outside to save my house from the mess! I gave them loads of cardboard to paint that day, they painted everything blue and purple and they loved it.

I love the look of concentration on their faces and bit of paint on the little ones nose!

I am generally not that great a photographer, and this was just taken with my iPhone but when I see this picture, it makes me happy. It shows my boys all together and having fun, and reminds me a lovely simple day together that probably would have otherwise been forgotten, so this photo means a lot to me 🙂

What’s your favourite picture?

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  1. Aww, lovely story behind your pic! I love knowing stories behind pictures too! Sometimes pictures by themselves aren’t enough!


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