It’s Time to Stand on My Own Two Feet…

It’s Time to Stand on My Own Two Feet…

Rob Schofield from has been reading the mind of his friend’s baby boy…

Crawling can be so tiring. And it’s not my fault if my knees are filthy – Daddy calls me his mucky pup – after a long day’s crawling around the house, in the garden, at play group and at grandma’s house. I’ve got to get around somehow. There is just so much to see and do, so many things to discover and so many new things to try out. I can’t help it if my hands get dirty and how else am I supposed to get down the stairs if I don’t shuffle down on my bottom? The grownups keep crouching near me and asking me to come towards them. They think I can get up on my legs just like that, but I don’t think I’m strong enough yet. What I need is a fab new wooden baby walker from to help me strengthen my little legs and start walking on my own.

My older sister Emily had one of those walkers that looked like the pram that Mummy and Daddy used to push me around in, except that the one she had was for dollies and was pink.

wooden1I’ve heard Mummy talking about a walker that has lots of different colours and wheels that make patterns when they roll along. I like the sound of that! She said it also has these brilliant wooden blocks that are painted with something called letters which will help me learn something else called reading, but I think I would use them to build towers and then knock them down. There are some wooden beads at the front that you can move from side to side. They will help me learn numbers, whatever they are.
wooden2Daddy said he would rather buy me something called a dumper truck. I saw a picture of it and I must admit I like the way it looks like some of my toy cars and lorries. I could put all my favourite toys in it and carry them around with me while I learn to walk. Then whenever I get tired, I can tip them out and play wherever I am. I’m sure no one will mind.

If I was allowed to make my own choice for once, I think I’d like to learn to walk with something that had lots of different things to do so that whenever I decided to sit down I would have a new game to play. My friend Ethan at playgroup has something called an Activity Walker. I don’t know what an ‘activity’ is, but I think it has something to do with playing games because there are so many different ones to play with Ethan’s walker. You can turn some coloured wheels, move some buttons up and down a bendy track, make some noise with a rattle (I like making noise) and play some other games that I haven’t quite worked out yet.


I remember Mummy saying at playgroup that these kinds of activities (there’s that word again) help with hand/eye coordination and fine motor skills, whatever they are. Ethan’s mummy also said that walkers are very good for developing gross motor skills. What are they talking about? These grown-ups really do talk funny sometimes. I just want to learn to walk and have some fun at the same time.

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  1. Those wooden walker toys are lovely! I don’t think you can beat the look of good quality solid wooden toys & they last so much better too!


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