Elinens – Aroma Home Cosy Bear – Sleep Aid

We were recently sent the Aroma Home Cosy Bear to review, this is one of the sleep aids from elinens. elinens aroma bear

He is a medium sized fluffy bear with a removable pouch inside which can be microwaved. The pouch is filled with natural wheat and pure lavender essential oil, so is very relaxing and cosy to sleep with. The pouch takes only 60 seconds to warm. It does get quite hot when coming out of the microwave, although not enough to burn yourself but you do have to be careful. It is very easy to get the pouch in and out, and it is fastened in securely with velcro on the front of the bear.

The bear is not suitable for children under 3 years because of the heating element of it, and I would agree with this also on the grounds that some of his fluff may come loose or shed a little, but for older children it is fine if you can trust them to be sensible with it.

I have used it with my 4 (nearly 5) year old and not had any concerns about him having it. I don’t let them play with the bear during the day, but just bring it out at bed time to give a soothing and relaxing atmosphere to his bed.

elinens aroma bear

When the pouch is heated the lavender aroma is definitely noticeable, but not too over powering. Lavender has traditionally been used as a sleep aid and is also said to be effective for anxiety and restlessness. I find the smell of lavender really nice because I remember having so many lavender bushes in our garden when I was small, with lots of butterflies on, so it does bring me quite a relaxing mental image.

My 4 year old is not a bad sleeper anyway, but he does like the bear and it’s nice for him to have something special to help him relax at bedtime. Especially when we have cold weather this will be nice to snuggle up to, with it being heated.

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