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MoneySuperMarket are running a Room for Improvement competition to see how we can make over a room in the house on a budget of £50. We have recently been trying to decorate the upstairs of our house so this is great timing! After living in our house for over a year now, we still have quite a bit to do but we are slowly getting there.

I decided to use the budget to liven up my boys’ room a bit. It had recently been painted but still lacked the finishing touches to make it look more appealing, as it was pretty boring – as you can see below!

bedroom "before" picture from a room make over. boring looking boys room
Before – Needs something to liven it up.

Before we painted it blue, it was even worse, but I don’t even have any pictures of that. But just imagine it, very old fashioned grannyish flowery wallpaper which was ripped off in places by my toddler – not really what a nearly 5 year old boy would like!

So with my budget of £50 kindly provided by MoneySuperMarket, I set off to Dunelm Mill with my oldest boy to have a look around and choose a few things to add a bit of character to the room.

He chose a new bedding set with numbers on it, a small rocket rug, and his favourite new addition to his bedroom – a plush red car cushion.

dunelmmillrocketrug plushcarcushion

This cost me £19.99 for the rug and £9.99 for the car cushion (both shown above), and £8.99 for the duvet set.

I have just seen these items are quite a bit cheaper on the website thought! Should have checked before I went! Did not really expect such vastly different prices in store to online with it being the same company and not massively impressed with that, but I will know for next time! I had been meaning to go and have a look around the big new(ish) Greenford store for a while and just wanted to pick the things up today rather than waiting for delivery.

I also got a Finding Nemo wall sticker from e-Bay which my son had asked for before, as fishes match well with his blue walls.

finding nemo wall sticker, finding nemo wall art, porthole shaped wall sticker, wall sticker with dory nemo and marlin, clownfish wall sticker, large fish wall sticker, disney finding nemo

We also took out the old pine chest of drawers that was hanging around in there not matching with the rest of the furniture, and that created a bit more space.

So here is the new look:

Boys room with rocket rug, numbers bedding and finding nemo wall decoration.
After! Looks much more appealing

boys room, car and thomas cushions, blue walls, numbers bedding, finding nemo wall art

I think it is a definite improvement. It has a bit more character now and looks less boring.

You can see more details of the competition here. All the entries will be shown on the Pinterest board here.

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