Eid Celebrations

We celebrated our Eid yesterday. For those who may not know it’s Eid al Adha, which takes place every year after the Hajj pilgrimage has finished. We have two Eids and the other one comes at the end of Ramadan.

eidTo make the occasion exciting for the children, I put some decorations in the house and give presents to the children, have plenty of sweet treats for them, and spend time with all of our close family (cousins, aunties, uncles, grandparents and more). We have Eid prayer in the mosque in the morning, which their dad must always go to and sometimes we go as a whole family – not yesterday, because one of the boys had to go for speech therapy, that’s the downside of not having our celebrations as a national holiday like Christmas, sometimes have to balance it with other things which are still going on as normal, and of course only one day off school rather than a whole fortnight. I do wish they could get at least 3 days off for Eid!!

Here’s some pics of the kids (I should have taken some more and better ones – we were busy so I forgot!!)

eidkidsLooking at some older pics made me think next Eid I might dress them up a bit more, how cute they were when they were little in their Eid outfits! πŸ˜€

eidoutfitsThese are Mr Z and Mr T only (blue one is Mr Z when he was 1 year old before Mr T was born!). In fact I think Mr R has never worn Asian clothes so far in his life!! I will definitely have to dig some out for him!

I will do another post soon about cookie desert which I normally make on Eid. Every Eid my husband asks for it so it has become like a tradition now, I will need to make it again because every one ate it all before I had chance to take a picture!

To all the other Muslims – Eid Mubarak, I hope everyone had a great Eid with their families.

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  1. Thanks for enlightening me on the two Eids – I had assumed this week’s Eid was end of Ramadan, which kidn of surprised me as I hadn’t heard anything about it in past month. My children have a few kids inthe class who are Muslim so we were talking about Eid and Ramadan, and fasting in general (we are Christians). Thank you and hope you had a lovely Eid!
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