Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Toys from Fisher-Price

Mr T has been keen on Mickey Mouse for quite a while now, whenever he sees Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on TV he is really interested and if he spots a picture of Mickey out and about, he will eagerly point! So I was interested to see what he would make of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse toys from Fisher-Price. Mr R was also very interested once he saw it!

mickey mouse clubhouse toysWe were kindly sent the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Fly n Slide Clubhouse to try out, along with a selection of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse vehicles and figures.

The clubhouse comes with a pair of Mickey and Minnie figures as you can see above, along with a few play pieces such as a sea saw and picnic furniture. When the clubhouse comes out of the box, there is some very minimal construction involved. It’s really just a matter of clicking the slide, plane and the top of the clubhouse into place and I was able to do this in a couple of minutes with both Mr T and Mr R eagerly waiting by my side so it is nothing difficult at all.

mickey mouse clubhouse toysOnce the clubhouse was ready for them, they were really keen to get playing with it and found it a lot of fun. You can open the door at the side of the club house so that when you drop mickey down into top, he will slide all the way down his slide! Mr T and Mr R both enjoyed this and they also loved placing characters into the plane and flying it around the clubhouse. The plane is attached by a special stick that allows you to move it along, so that is can fly around the clubhouse without getting lost which is a great idea! Both boys (2 and nearly 4) spent quite some time playing with the club house and putting the characters in and out, so I would say it is perfect for its recommended age group of 2-5. As they can play at both sides of the clubhouse, there is enough room for the two of them to play together without getting in each other’s way or fighting. It’s also great that there are 2 figures included rather than only one, for the same reason. With the addition of the vehicles which come with extra characters, we actually have plenty which is great for expanding their play as they could have a full Mickey Mouse Clubhouse get together in there with all their characters!

All of the pieces are nice and chunky and not flimsy at all. With having to fit the pieces of the clubhouse myself, I did wonder whether this would make them more likely to come apart and have to be refixed but this hasn’t been as issue at all as it has remained firmly in place.

mickey mouse clubhouse toysThe vehicles are great – an ideal size for Mr T and Mr R as they are big enough not to get easily lost, but not so big that they take up loads of space in their playroom and they fit nicely into their hands. The characters are easy enough to place into the vehicles, and there is a good range of vehicles available. We have the boat, car and tipper (which even comes with a boulder)

This is a lovely range. I do like to see them playing with Mickey Mouse as he is such a classic character (I admit, I do like him myself too :D) The clubhouse would appeal equally to boys or girls and there are loads of Disney toys available from Fisher-Price so do have a look here!

There will be a competition up on the blog to win the Mickey Mouse Fly n Slide Clubhouse as a part of my Advent Calender competitions coming up in December, so make sure you check back for that – It will be a great event with 24 prizes over the 1st 24 days of December in the run up to Christmas. Very exciting!

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Let me know in the comments what you think of the toys 🙂

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  1. Thank you for your great review, it has put my mind at ease as I recently bought this for my grand-daughter for Christmas and was hoping that it would be suitable for both her and her twin brother to play with (I have bought them individual presents but tried to make sure that they are able to play together with them too).

    I too Love Mickey Mouse.

    Thanks again


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