Eco Friendly Packaging Ideas

Caring for the environment has been a hot topic since I can remember but the new generation is definitely more in tune with what is going on in our planet thanks to the internet and how fast information can travel. Protecting our environment has never been so mainstream as it is today. “Gen Z” (mid-to-late 1990s as starting birth years and the early 2010s as ending birth years) is fierce, fearless and very vocal about their beliefs and the world has been quick to try and keep up and adjust to their urgent demands.

Its remarkable to see how many eco friendly options we have available today. From small businesses to multinational corporations the idea of recycling, upcycling, plastic free/eco friendly products is well stablished and there are always new options being implemented to make sure that the already very damaged environment suffer less.

Protests around the world enforce the idea that we are running out of time, that some of the damages made are irreversible so the sense of urgency to do whatever is in our reach to address this issue is very real. The thought that my daughter may not have the opportunity to see in real life some species of animals that I did as a child is frightening and very unsettling.

But there is hope and we are very much committed to minimize waste not only in our households but also in the workplace. Eco friendly solutions are available and very accessible depending on your needs and wants. There are companies such as Lil Packaging specialized in providing plastic free and ocean friendly postal packaging offering a full range of products from letter box sizes boxes to eco friendly tape, which comes in handy as December approaches bringing Christmas and all the gifts we have to send to our loved ones.

So don’t panic! Do your research, keep an eye out for alternatives to plastic when possible, be mindful of the environment and waste of natural resources, recycle and upcycle whenever you can. There are options and if we all work together we can and we will leave a cleaner and healthier planet to the future generations.


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