Love Yourself Balanced Meals Delivery Review

Love Yourself are a new luxury food delivery brand, making it so easy to stay on top of your healthy eating goals, whatever your requirements. With your full days worth of food delivered each evening, ready for the following day, it means that you are always prepared with a healthy and balanced meal when you need it. The meals are cooked by a Michelin trained chef, and each day’s food comes with breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks (for morning and afternoon). The Menu options include Keto, Dairy Free, Halal, Keto, Performance, Balanced 2000kcal, Balanced 1600kcal etc and more, so it’s easy to find the right option whatever your dietary requirements.

We tried three days worth of meals on the Halal balanced plan, and overall I was very impressed with the service. The convenience of using Love Yourself is brilliant, as you don’t need to think at all about your food for the day – since every thing is already set out for you including snacks. This totally prevents the chance to make food choices in a rush that you might regret later, and means that all of your food is really balanced and varied.

When eating healthily, sometimes I find I get into the habit of eating the same type of things over again, so with the Love Yourself meal plan I liked that it gave me more variety – especially in meals like breakfast where I typically end up eating the same one or two things most days.

All of the calorie amounts and macro nutrients are clearly labelled on each of the food packages, so you can keep a close track on what you’re eating and if you use My Fitness Pal app, there is also a QR code on all of the food packages so that you can just scan your meal directly into the app for tracking, which is so convenient. It also gives you the instructions on whether each meal needs to be warmed up, or can be eaten as it is. You also have the expiry date written on each package, which is useful in the case that you do miss a meal or a snack one day, then you have that information.

As I mentioned, the meals are quite varied. I did not get any repeats within my three days of meals. The lunches tend to be the heavier meals of the day, in the Halal option this included meat and the dinners are lighter such as salads. Below is one of the lunches, which was rice and butternut squash with bulgar wheat.

The snacks within our three day meal plan included soups, a smoothie, and some sweet options like a brownie and muffin. While eating the meal plans, you will not be left feeling hungry, or feeling like you are eating “diet food” – it’s very balanced, nutritious and tastes great.

I would definitely use Love Yourself again, as it makes life so convenient, and I enjoyed all of the food.

Currently, the meals can be delivered in the Greater London area and will be available UK-Wide later this year. Love Yourself offer a range of menus starting from £15 each day, including 3 meals and 2 snacks. Visit to find out more.

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