Mark a Special Day with a Photograph of its Dawn – The Day That Review & Giveaway

The Day That is a company providing personalised and thoughtful gifts to mark any special day. They have been photographing the new dawn every day since 21st June 2005 and you can choose from a variety of different formats to display these beautiful pictures  to celebrate your special day.

Mark a Special Day with a Photograph of its Dawn

We were sent a framed photograph for review and 3 lucky In The Playroom readers will each have the chance to win a digital download from the date of your choice.

the day that - photographs of the dawn to mark any special date or occassion

I chose Mr Z’s birthdate in June 2008 as he is my eldest child to mark the day that we went from just being a couple into being parents with our own little family. Our wedding date was just a couple of months before The Day That started taking their photos, otherwise that would have been lovely to have too!

There were 11 different images available for Mr Z’s birthday. If you’re not sure which one you would prefer you can view two next to each other on the The Day That website to compare. All of the images on Mr Z’s date were taken at the coast and it seems to have been a slightly more over cast morning on that day but still it looks great with the colours of the sea and it’s lovely to think of the meaning behind the photo. I have displayed it in the upstairs hallway of our house.

It also has the special day marked under the photo to make the significance clear to anyone who sees it.

the day that photographs to mark a special date


The look and feel of the framed photograph is great. It feels like a high quality product and would make a lovely thoughtful gift for any special occasion.

You can use this widget to find out about the pictures available for your special day

See here for more info about the digital downloads

For your chance to win 1 of 3 digital downloads from The Day That, enter via the Rafflecopter below:

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  1. 4 although judging by some peoples high numbers I wondered if I am missing something! The 4 are nice though and I love this concept!

  2. I don’t have a date yet! I’d love one of these for my stepdaughter who is due to give birth in October, mine were all born before 2005 so I can’t get one for me


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