Level Up Your Photo Editing Skills With These Best Free Photo Editing Softwares

If you’re tired of having boring photos, this article will help you improve your images to be more amazing to look at. Here are some excellent photo editing software that you can download on your smartphone and desktop.

Apple Photos

Are you looking for a free photo editing software? If you’re an Apple brand fan, then the Apple Photos is perfect for you. It comes with many features you’ll definitely like, such as color retouching, cropping, exposure adjustments, and more. The Apple Photos also has a feature where you can share your photos and images to all of your Apple devices, edited or not.

Apple Photos also has searching functions and image cataloging, which helps you sort your images faster and find particular photos easier. What makes Apple Photos better than other photo editing software is its intuitive and sleek design; it also comes with free filters and presets, which you will not usually get from other free photo editing software.

Adobe Lightroom

If you’re trying to find a free photo editing app or software for your mobile phone, then the Adobe Lightroom is definitely worth your time. Although this software’s desktop version isn’t free, they made the mobile version free to use since most people right now are using mobile phones to edit their photos.

With Adobe Lightroom free photo editing software, you can view, edit, and organize all of your photos on your phones easily and for free. Like other free photo editing software that you can download online or to your Apps store, the Adobe Lightroom also provides essential functions such as adjusting tint, temperature, saturation, and vibrance.

Using Adobe Lightroom, you can also download and apply free Lightroom presets to edit your photos on the go without any difficulty.. Compatibility is not a problem with Adobe Lightroom since it’s available with both iOS and Android operating systems, which means this app will still provide its best output no matter what smartphone you’re using.

Capture One Pro

If you’re looking for a photo editing software close to Adobe Lightroom in terms of features and functionality, the Capture One Pro is the best option you’ll have right now. It’s a free photo editing app that offers many helpful features that you can use on your photos. You can also do image enhancement with this software manually.

With Capture One Pro free photo editing software, you can do raw processing seamlessly. It also provides many presets effects, which lets you edit your images with a single click of a button. If you’re the person who wants to make photo adjustments manually, the Capture One Pro also provides local adjustments with masks and layers.

Hate to break it to you, but Capture One Pro isn’t always for free. At first, you’ll have a 30-days free trial, in which you can access every feature that the Capture One Pro has. After using the 30-day free trial, you can continue using the software, although you need to pay for the $20 monthly fee, which is just fair.


Darktable is another photo editing software that offers high-quality image editing capabilities. If you haven’t heard about the Darktable photo editing software, it’s an open-source image editing software where you can experience professional-like editing features for free. You need not register or do some monthly subscriptions with this app.

Darktable photo editing software is near the same as Capture One Pro and Adobe Lightroom in terms of features and interface. You can still export and import photos to and from your photo library. It also supports both RAW and JPEG file formats, which is good because you need not do any more conversion.

DxO PhotoLab

DxO PhotoLab is as good as its older brother, the DxO Optics Pro. Made by PhotoLab, this photo editing software allows you to make local adjustments manually to your photos without difficulty. It will also let you do some perspective corrections, presets effects, and raw tools, though these features aren’t for free anymore.

Although the DxO PhotoLab lacks image cataloging features, it still provides basic photo browsing, which is very important if you want to look for a particular photo on the go. If you want to access the advanced features of DxO PhotoLab, you can choose between the Elite Edition worth $199, or the Essential Edition worth $129, which is less cheap.

Exposure X5

Are you looking for a unique photo editing software? You can try the Exposure X5; unlike other photo editing software online, this one offers a classic feel. If you love classic and vintage pictures, Exposure X5 is the best choice to have. It doesn’t mean that this software is old; you’ll still experience advanced and modern enhancement tools in this software.

The Exposure X5 also offers a vast library of film effects and presets, which provides both antique and modern effects. You can do fading, grain, light leaks, cross processing, vignetting, and borders with these effects.

Exposure X5 offers more features more than you expect from it. Quick folder browsing is also available so you can quickly sort every photo you have. If you want to try the Exposure X5, it has a 30-day free trial version for you to use for free. The standard price of Exposure X5 will start at $199, which is already fair compared to other photo editing software out there.


Choosing any from these photo editing software is already considered as a good deal. They all provide the best photo editing quality, and they offer helpful features that you’ll love. If you want to check more about photo editing software, you can go to robots.net; they provide a lot of information about these things.


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