10+ Tempting Valentines Treats

Valentines Day is almost here, and if you believe that the way to the heart is through the stomach then you might want to try out some of these tasty treat ideas to brighten up the day for your loved ones

Valentines Treat Recipes

more than 10 delicious treats for Valentines day. Some home made treats and some recommendations for store bought


Valentines Heart Cookies

Rice Krispie Heart Treats

Valentines Brownie Kabobs

Valentines Day Whoopie Pie

Lemon Angel Food Cake

Valentines Day Cupcakes

Valentines Marshmallow Pops

Valentines Rose Buns

M&M Candy Love Pretzels

Home made Valentine Gum Drops

Or if you’re short on time to make the treats from scratch, Asda have a wide range of Valentines goodies that may be just what you need. We received a selection from their Valentines range and they have some really cute ideas, from chocolate roses and chocolate hearts to decorate, to brownies that spell out “I heart you”

I love you valentines brownies from Asdaor a heart shaped crumpet for breakfast!

valentines heart crumpet from AsdaLast year we made our own heart shaped chocolates using a mould from the Asda Valentines range and also made a love themed breakfast.

It’s worth taking a look in their seasonal aisles to see what Valentines treats you can pick up this year. They also have Love Hearts themed cookie cutters, and hand warmers, which are pretty cute.

These little surprises are great to put a smile on your families face over the valentines season. I believe we don’t always need to make a huge gesture but these sweet little moments can mean a lot.

I gave a heart shaped brownie to R my youngest boy who is 3. “Mummy why does it have a heart?” he asked “because I love you 😀 ” He gave a big smile, said “I love you too” and ate it all up. Super cute!

Some people feel like Valentines Day is too commercial of a celebration, but I think love is something to be celebrated, and I see nothing wrong in embracing the fun of the season. Spreading love, and hearts and happiness can only be a good thing!

Happy Valentines Day!

More Valentines Treats

If you need even more Valentines day dessert recipes, take a look at these selections I put together earlier

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