Easter Holiday Activities at Shrek’s Adventure

This Easter, we spent the morning at Shrek’s Adventure which is a fun immersive experience that’s great for all the family. We visited with kids aged 6, 8 and 9, and a 15 month old toddler, and the experience was enjoyed by all.

If you haven’t been to Shrek’s adventure before, it’s a really unique attraction which isn’t like anything else we’ve visited in London or the rest of the UK. You are taken through a character filled journey in a small group of around 40 people, led by live actors. This starts off with a 4D bus ride to introduce the story, and then takes you through all kinds of rooms where you may need to gather special objects to use later in your journey. There’s lots of audience participation which is brilliant for the kids to get really involved – R had the chance to do two of the tasks during our tour which was great.

Once you finish the tour through the land of Far Far Away, you return to London and land in a Dreamworks section which allows you to see other Dreamworks characters from films like Ku Fu Panda, Madagascar and How to Train Your Dragon. You can explore this part at your leisure and it’s great for taking lots of character photos!

You also get lots of professional photos taken throughout the tour, which you can buy at the end in various packages. I normally don’t buy photos at attractions as it can be expensive, but actually for all of the photos and the book that you get I decided to go for it as there were some really nice ones!

Easter Activities

During the Easter holidays, there are a couple of special activities available, both with a How to Train Your Dragon theme. These are Dragon Egg Biscuit Decorating, and the chance to meet a baby dragon hatching from an egg.

The Dragon Egg Biscuit decorating takes place in a separate room, so it’s quite relaxed and calm, and there are staff there to supervise – dressed up and in character as Vikings from Berk. The kids also get to wear the viking hats, which they enjoyed including our littlest viking!

With the biscuit decorating, they get to choose a couple of colours of icing each and chocolate buttons and sprinkles to go on top. My boys love this type of activity, so it was a great end to our morning at Shrek’s Adventure and a lovely way to carry the Easter theme into the attraction, especially as went on Easter Sunday!

The Easter Dragon Egg biscuit decorating is 5 pounds per person, and you don’t need to book in advance. The meeting a baby dragon is included within the normal ticket price.

Be the first to come face-to-face with a baby dragon as it emerges from its egg in front of your very eyes! You’ll also get the chance to feed the baby dragon, with a specially designed bottle. Don’t forget to capture this rare experience on camera with a selfie, before the baby dragons learn to fly away!

Visit the Shrek’s Adventure website for more info and to buy tickets. 

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