Easter Crafting with Little Brian Paint Sticks

Little Brain Paint sticks are an amazing craft product. These are something I had heard of, but didn’t try until recently when we were sent a selection of their range to test out for some Easter crafts, and now I’m wondering why I didn’t try them before! The paint sticks are like glue sticks with paint, you twist them up in the same way, and they allow you to paint with vibrant beautiful colours and very little mess. They are just so handy, and are so much fun to use. We have all been enjoying them, from the toddler, through to the tweenagers and even me too.

The Little Brian Paint Sticks range includes metallic and day glow colours in stand alone sets, or larger sets with all of the colours included, in both normal and mini sizes. There are also chalk sticks which can be used on blackboards.

The metallic and day glow colours are favourites of ours as they are a bit different. The neon day glow colours are very vibrant, and the metallic colours are so shiny, and are beautiful especially once dried, with a lovely shimmer.

Because Little Brian Paint Sticks are so mess free and handy, they’ve been perfect for impromptu art sessions with my toddler. It’s much easier to fit in painting with these while dinner is cooking, compared to traditional paints where we need to wash up the brushes and pots afterwards and clear up any messes.

She has really enjoyed using these and has been coming back to them daily. They are so easy for little hands to manage, both in the mini and the full sized formats.

As the paint sticks are quite wide, they are ideal for making bold marks and patterns. This is perfect for Easter crafting to design some Easter eggs.

I also used the mini paint sticks to decorate some wooden craft sticks, to make an Easter egg inspired pattern matching game for N. As the paint sticks dry so quickly, and are so mess free, I was able to make this within just a few minutes and add it to our collection of busy bag activities.

To make the matching game, I just decorated 6 pairs of craft sticks to make 6 matching sets of patterns using wavy lines, colour stripes, and dots. The paint sticks work well on all kinds of surfaces, and went on to the wooden craft sticks just as easily as paper, and dried just as quickly.

N enjoyed exploring the different patterns and working hard to match them all up.

We also enjoyed exploring the chalk sticks outside on our blackboard.

The colours are much more vibrant than regular chalk, so they are lovely for an outdoor Spring art session. The chalk sticks wiped off really easily with baby wipes once we were finished

These paint sticks are brilliant, and I’m sure we will continue having lots of creative fun with them throughout all of the different seasons. For more info, visit www.littlebrian.com

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