How to Plan Your First Visit to the Museums with the Kids

Exploring the world with your children will forever be some of the most memorable experiences in your life. Their curiosity about the world, how they see new things, and their never ending sense of adventure can be infectious. However, planning a day out with the children, no matter where you are in the world, can be stressful. 

There are a seemingly infinite amount of things to consider when taking your children out for the day. Whether it’s packing extra snacks and clothes, or finding a way to not blow through an entire paycheck on entrance fees and lunches out, planning ahead is key. A fantastic way to plan something fun for the whole family is taking everyone out for a day at the museums! 

There are many exciting and fascinating activities for children at local museums. From art shows, to children’s days, to museums specifically built for them to enjoy, there are a plethora of options out there! If it’s your first time taking your children on a day of educational fun, then don’t stress! Here are a few tips on how to plan your first visit to the museums with the kids!

Early Birds!

Planning ahead for a day out with your children takes a little bit of resourcefulness, mixed with the close understanding that only you have as their parent. You know what will get them excited, how long they can walk without getting grumpy, and how many hours you have until the hunger sinks in and you’re forced to take a snack break. Sure, it’s not a vacation filled with total relaxation, but planning ahead will help keep the stress at bay. 

One thing that you can benefit from in planning ahead is finding coupons, deals, and package prices for the museums you’d like to visit. You should definitely plan to visit museums that have free admission! If you have more than one child to entertain throughout the day, this will be a big help, especially to your wallet! Call ahead, or check online to see if there are group deals, daily coupons, or even times of day where the prices may be cheaper!

Another big advantage of planning ahead is that you can map out exactly how the day will go. Although as parents, we all know the schedule won’t go EXACTLY as planned, but it will be helpful to you to have a rough outline. You can easily put together where each museum is located, the order in which you visit them, and which ones your kids will want to spend more time at. Don’t miss out on great deals by waiting to the last minute to make your plans! 

Knowing What You’re Kids Will Like

There are tons, TONS, of different types of museums out there for you and your family to enjoy. Whether you want to spend the day looking at dinosaur bones at the Natural History Museum, or see the latest modern art exhibit, knowing what your children will like best will be incredibly helpful! Because taking your children out to the museums really is one of the Best things to do in London with Kids.

Here are just a few of the museums you and your family can visit in London this year: 

  • National Maritime Museum
  • Natural History Museum
  • Discovery Children’s Story Centre
  • National Gallery
  • Design Museum
  • Science Museum
  • London Transport Museum
  • The V&A Museum of Childhood
  • Tate Modern
  • British Museum
  • And plenty more!

Take the time to do a little research before you take off on your day out. This will not only let you see what exhibits and events may be happening, but also give you an idea about whether or not your children will enjoy them. If they aren’t going to have fun, or if they have to be quite for a long period of time, then it’s going to be a chore rather than a family fun activity!

Food, Snacks, and Avoiding “Hangry” Kids

We’ve all been there. It’s right before lunch, you’re busy, or in the middle of something, and the hunger strikes. You look hopelessly at the clock to count down until you can go to lunch, but unfortunately, you can’t eat just yet. Kids feel this pangs of hunger throughout the day also, but they can’t keep their grumpiness at bay.

In order to avoid the kids turning into “hangry” messes, finding the right place and times for snacks throughout the day will be a HUGE relief! Unfortunately, however, there are a LOT of museums that don’t allow food or drink past their front doors. If that’s the case, then you’re going to have to plan snack breaks before and after you enter the museum. 

Like nearly every parent, you’re also going to have that one emergency snack tucked away in the diaper bag, or the stroller. If the museum has a no food policy, then you can easily make the trek to the front lobby for a short snack break if the kids can’t wait until it’s time to leave. 

You can also pack an awesome picnic for your whole family to enjoy if the weather is going to be nice! Though you’ll have to pack a cooler, or an extra bag for all of the food, it may be worth it to enjoy on a sunny day. Packing your own meals will also save you money from not having to eat out at a restaurant!

Transporting the Whole Family

A huge thing you should consider for your museum day out is how you and your family will be traveling from place to place. London is a big city, filled with lots of options for transportation. This isn’t just about taking the Underground or not, it’s also about how you and your family are going to get through the museums as well. 

Because you won’t just be carrying a light satchel and your children can’t walk for long periods of time before they get too tired, finding a way to carry your belongings and giving tiny legs a rest is extremely important. From strollers to wagons, there are plenty of reliable methods for getting your whole family around the museum with ease.

Be certain that you look into whether or not the museum has rules about strollers or large bags beforehand! You can also look into finding a cool rolling backpack, or have individual backpacks for your kids to take with them as well. This will not only lighten your load significantly, but it will also give them a space to put crayons and paper, or their own snacks if they so wish.

Your Children Will Love Their First Day at the Museums as a Family!

One of the most important, if not THE most important thing to remember is that this day is all about having fun as a family! Don’t stress too much about the to do list. Find time to be present and really enjoy your time with your family. 

Your first day out at the museums with your kids will be a hit if you follow these easy tips! Whether you rescue tired feet with a foldable wagon, sneak a healthy snack in before seeing whales, save some money with coupons, or even plan around what you know will make your kids the happiest, it’s going to be a good day! After all, it’s days like a fun day at the museum with the whole family that your children will treasure for the rest of their lives!

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