Yoshi’s Crafted World Easter Egg Hunt at Kidzania

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Yoshi is one of our favourite Nintendo characters; He’s definitely the cutest! So we were excited to go along to Kidzania and take part in Yoshi’s Crafted World Easter Egg Hunt which is running all through the school Easter holidays. The kids also had chance to try out the new Yoshi’s Crafted World game on Nintendo Switch, and to spend time doing lots of the other activities around Kidzania, which is always a lot of fun.

In the Yoshi activity at Kidzania, all of the children get a chance to try out the game before setting off on their Easter egg hunt. Yoshi’s Crafted World is a fun platform style game, with multiple levels all made out of crafting materials like cartons and cardboard. This was the first time the boys got to try out the game, and they enjoyed it a lot. They used to play a lot of Yoshi’s Woolly World on our Nintendo Wii U a few years ago, so I was sure they would love this newer Yoshi game and it’s definitely one we will have to think of getting at home.

After playing the game, all of the children were given a clue sheet and set off racing around Kidzania to find Yoshi’s hidden eggs with letters, and solve their Easter egg hunt.

Once they complete it, they will be rewarded with a Yoshi certificate

For Nintendo fans, there is also a Nintendo Labo activity within Kidzania where you can try out some of the toy con games. It’s a great way to test these out and try something new if you don’t have Labo at home. This is one of the great things about Kidzania, it’s always easy to try new things there and for the kids to get new experiences. Each time we go, the children seem to try a new job or activity that they haven’t done before even though we have visited quite regularly. This time, the boys made their own newspaper articles in the Metro office, and made their own burgers for lunch in the GBK activity, as well as the Yoshi egg hunt and revisiting a few of their old favourite activities too. Little N had a brilliant time at Kidzania too, although she is only 2 years old so can’t take part in a lot of the jobs she spent hours playing in the early years kitchen, reading and drawing in the library and just running around the streets of Kidzania

We were invited to Kidzania in order to check out the Yoshi activity

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