Dressing – Small Steps, Amazing Achievements

mismatched rainbow toddlerTo the casual observer, this may just look like a picture of a slightly mismatched child – but to me, it shows 3 great achievements from the week!

Mr T has been making so much progress with dressing, in the last couple of weeks. It is only recently that he had no idea at all about this and wouldn’t even attempt, but he has put these shorts on all by himself!!! Okay, so they are swimming shorts not actual clothes – but I’m not complaining. He just went and took them from the cupboard and wore them, which is brilliant! I am quite surprised, and very proud!

Next is the shoes. In the past, we have not been able to take him to have his feet measured at all, he would get so upset by the whole process and just go into an uncontrollable meltdown. He wasn’t able to cope with the change of trying new shoes, or with having anyone in his personal space to measure the feet. The whole thing was a total nightmare to deal with. BUT there he is, with a new pair of shoes! These were not very easy to sort out, as his feet are so flat that they are off the scale in wideness, (I width) so Clarks had nothing at all for him! I managed to get him sorted in a local shop with more specialist experience and he has gone a size up in Hush Puppies which seems to do the job. He was so good through the whole shoe measuring and fitting process, and so happy with his new red shoes!

The last one is the socks. I put these socks on him and said “Rainbow” and Mr T has started to sing/hum the tune of the rainbow song from Peppa Pig “Rainbow, Rainbow – red and orange and yellow and green and purple and blue! Rainbow Rainbow, It’s a rainy sunny day!” – So sweet πŸ™‚ As I recognised the tune, I sang it for him and he’s so happy I understood what he wanted to say. I know it can be frustrating for him that without words we may not always understand what he wants to communicate! Amazing too how sharp his brain works, from one word he so quickly links it to the song, my clever little teddy! πŸ˜€

These may be small insignificant things to others, but for Mr T this shows me so much progress and 3 real achievements! I am always really proud of him.

cheeky smile boy toddler boy yellow topWell done Mr T! Masha Allah πŸ™‚

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    • I think that might be the same insoles mr T is waiting for, cos he has no arches in his feet?? hopefully it will help a little bit with his walking, at the moment he tires so easily. Did you find it makes much difference?

  1. Yes they are small steps to others but we know they are very big amazing achievements. I love that you also sing to your son, I find myself doing this quite a lot!

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)
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