New Bubble Guppies Toys

My younger boys have been really lucky this week, as they have been sent some of the new Fisher Price Bubble Guppies toys to try out. They enjoy watching Bubble Guppies on Nick Jr quite often, so I was not surprised that they took to the toys straight away.

For those who may not know, Bubble Guppies is an underwater educational and musical show for preschoolers. Molly and Gil are the main Bubble Guppies and it’s set in their underwater classroom.

The new Fisher Price range has loads of different Bubble Guppies toys, all suitable for around 18 months+.

The first thing the boys were immediate attracted to were the racers. We were sent: Bubble Guppies Nonny & Green Streak, Bubble Guppies Gil & Red Racer and Bubble Guppies Molly & Violet Racer

bubble guppies racersThey love cars and anything transport related, so they were really excited by these. As soon as my 3 year old saw them he was so excited and started to sign “fish – car” (he’s non verbal due to SN) and I knew he recognised the characters, and was very very happy to see them! πŸ˜€

Each car includes one removable Bubble Guppy rolling figure, and these also work on the Rock and Roll stage which is really handy as you can mix and match. The Bubble Guppies are easy to put in and out of the cars, so my youngest (23 months) hasn’t got frustrated with it at all. The cars are an ideal size for this age group too and are very well made and look like they will last well. (I generally find this to be the case with Fisher Price!)

bubble guppies racers toys
These racers kept them happily occupied πŸ™‚

The boys have kept coming back to the Bubble Guppies racers and I think it will keep their attention over time, not something that they would get bored of quickly.

The next item we tried out is the Bubble Guppies Rock & Roll Stage. This was also pretty exciting for the boys.

fisher price bubble guppies rock and roll stageFirstly, I have to mention you do need to assemble it once you take it out of the box BUT it is really easy and does not involve any tools. It’s just a matter of following the instructions and clicking everything into place, it took me a maximum of 5 minutes and I am not very good with instructions or assembly so it really is easy! You also have to add the stickers for decoration, which again is really easy as its very clear where each one goes. Then you will also need 3x AA batteries, as the toy has sound and lights.

bubble guppies rock and roll stage toy
This is lots of fun πŸ™‚

The rolling figures really work well with the Rock and Roll stage. Each one has a little metal ball in the bottom which helps them to glide down the ramp, and this activates lights and sounds at the end. The set comes with a Molly figure, but as I mentioned any of the other figures from the racer cars are also compatible and you can buy more rolling figures sets separately.

It is easy enough to use for young children. The figures may fall off the odd time but 95% of the time they were gliding down the track smoothly. For any young children who like ball tracks or simple marble runs, they would probably enjoy this as its quite a similar action.

You get a few extra play pieces included – a drumset, a microphone and a rock lobster. These would be good for encouraging a bit more imaginative play.

Lots of fun details on the bubble guppies rock and roll stage
Lots of fun details

I’ve made a short video just to see it in action! As you can see, my little boys really enjoyed sending the Bubble Guppies sliding down the ramp and hearing the sounds and songs

The last Bubble Guppies toy we were sent is one of the bath squirter packs: Bubble Guppies Gil, Mr. Grouper & Lobster Bath Squirters

Y1372-bubble-guppies-gil-mr-grouper-lobster-squirters-b-1There are 3 different sets available each featuring a Bubble Guppy and two of their underwater friends. For me, it’s ideal having 3 in the pack for my 3 boys – one each so no arguments! My 5 year old is getting a little old for the other toys and was happy to leave them more to his younger brothers, but he is not too old for a water squirter! These are simple fun but provide a lot of laughs and are great for bath time or just water play time. My boys find it hilarious to squirt each other with water!

bubble guppies bath squirtersHave a look on the Fisher Price page to see the other Bubble Guppies toys available. I am pretty impressed with the ones we have tried, and I am sure any young Bubble Guppies fan would love them. Which ones do you think your little one would love the most?

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  1. My little girl loves Bubble Guppies and I didn’t even know they did toys until I saw your blog, thank you very much! πŸ™‚


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