Dove Baby, Caring for Baby’s Skin in Winter

Dove have launched a brand new range of baby products, building on its 60 year heritage of providing gentle and mild moisturising products. I’ve often used Dove products on myself over the year, so didn’t hesitate to try the new Dove Baby range on my little one.

With the colder weather here at the moment, I do notice that my children’s skin is prone to getting more dry, so it was perfect timing to try out the Baby Dove Rich Moisture range.

The full Rich Moisture product range includes…

  • Rich Moisture Bar
  • Rich Moisture Head to Toe Wash
  • Rich Moisture Lotion
  • Rich Moisture Nappy Cream
  • Rich Moisture Wipes

And we decided to try out the three products you see above; the head to toe wash, the lotion and the nappy cream. I’ve been using them on Baby N, who is 10 months old.

The Baby Dove Rich Moisture range is developed for babies with normal to dry skin. The Head to Toe Wash is also hypoallergenic; clinically proven to minimise allergy risks, pH neutral and tear-free. If your baby does have more sensitive skin then you can go for the Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Range which is also available.

N generally doesn’t have sensitive skin, but as I mentioned I do worry more about dryness and moisturising during the winter. I always bath her every night which I know can be drying for skin but she loves her baths and for us it’s a really important part of her bedtime routine, so I don’t like to skip it. Using moisturising products like the Baby Dove range means that her skin will be kept healthy as it helps to replenish essential moisture and nutrients in baby skin. Baby skin is thinner than that of an adult which is why it is more likely to lose moisture and be prone to dryness.


I really liked the Baby Dove rich moisture lotion. It has a very gentle scent, and N has enjoyed having that massaged on after bath time to get her moisturised ready for bed. It doesn’t have a greasy feel, it’s quite light and absorbs into the skin really well.

The Nappy Cream is also coming in handy at the moment, as N is teething and so has been a bit more red and uncomfy than usual. She’s not normally prone to nappy rash at all, so generally I don’t use nappy cream day to day but during these weeks of cutting teeth I have found it useful to have to soothe her skin. The cream is supposed to help protect from the causes of nappy rash too, so actually you could just use a thin layer of it day to day as a a preventative measure too.

All of the Baby Dove range is dermatologist tested, pediatrically approved and safe to use every day even on newborns. I’ve been happy with all of the products, and would continue to use them with N as they’re good quality, gentle products to help protect her skin and give me peace of mind that her skin won’t be drying out even in this cold winter weather.

Visit the Baby Dove website for more information on the range and all of the products available

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5 thoughts on “Dove Baby, Caring for Baby’s Skin in Winter”

  1. Thank you for your post on Dove Baby and all the cute pics of Baby N. Glad to hear that Dove has expanded their product line to babies.

    Did the Dove Nappy cream prevent rash or help cure it faster?

  2. This is really a nice post about keeping our little one moisturized in harsh weather. Dove really does wonders when it comes to keep the skin of baby moisturized.

  3. Dove is my love! I use these tools both for myself and for my son who recently turned 1 year old. And I’m absolutely happy with how gently it cleanses and moisturizes my baby’s delicate skin. Thank you for the good advice, I recommend!


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