Unwinding with my phone: Crater Craft

As any Mum who’s spent time stuck under a sleeping baby will understand, lately my phone has become my #1 entertainment device! I love all the baby snuggles, but I have to admit I also quite like the chance to have some down time to myself. While my little one feeds and sleeps, I get chance to unwind, catch up with Facebook and play games on my phone.

Recently I’ve discovered a new mobile game to add to my collection: Crater Craft from 55pixels. Crater Craft is a free to install village building game, which takes place on a Crater in outer space. It’s a very mellow relaxing game, which is not too competitive and allows you to take it at your own pace, and use your creativity.

The main screen of the game gives you all the different areas to explore, with your own house to upgrade and customise, crops to grow to get materials to craft with, a shop, factories, a house for your crafters and guests, and there are little mini games to take part in daily to earn more nectar and crystals to help you build up your crater empire!

I’m enjoying collecting the Crafters as each one has a different character and look, and they each make different items from the materials available. When you get a set amount, you can use them to upgrade some of your facilities – like in the screenshot above I’m using 10 crafters to upgrade my house.

I’ve also enjoyed the little challenges like collecting nectar or completing crafting orders, as it’s pretty easy so I find that relaxing and then you get a sense of accomplishment once it’s all completed! It’s easy to dip in and out of the game, and all your progress will be there whenever you come back to it.

Decorating the houses and rooms is one of most creative aspects of the game, but it will take some time to build up all the items you need to make your house look really impressive. You get to see other people’s rooms and rate them, so that’s a nice way to get ideas for my future house once I’ve crafted even more items. When rating the rooms, you earn more crystals especially if you can guess accurately how other players have rated the same room.

I’ve just upgraded my house to level two, so I will have two floors to decorate now. Onwards and upwards to a cool and impressive Crater Craft house!

There’s lots more to explore within the game. Now that I’ve upgraded to a level 2 house, I will be able to take part in the Craft Master leagues with other players, to compete and earn more rewards in the game.

If you fancy trying Crater Craft for yourself, click here to download (available on iOS and Google Play). Maybe you could even drop by my crater for a visit?! In the game you can search for my player tag, which is #227df4e

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