DIY Super Hero Cuff made with a Weaving Loom

Have you ever tried loom weaving with your kids? It’s a great fine motor activity, and helps to build concentration. We recently got the Bigjigs weaving loom and my older boys (5 and 7) were happy to have a go. Weaving takes a while, so this was an ongoing project, and in the end we turned our weaving into a simple super hero cuff for role play – since the boys are super hero mad these days!

DIY woven super hero cuff made with a kids weaving loom

The Bigjigs weaving loom comes with 5 different colours of yarn, along with the loom and the tools that you will need to get started: a weaving shuttle to push the yarn in and out of the loom, two metal spaces to help make your weaving easier, and a comb to push back the thread each time.

We didn’t get instructions in our kit, I’m not sure whether that is the norm or an omission in our set but a quick search on YouTube for videos gave us a demonstration and we were good to go.

using the bigjigs weaving loomThe weaving is an under and over motion for each line, and does take a while. My boys came back to the activity several times during the day and I also helped them out by doing a few lines myself. T (5) enjoyed it, although found it hard work at times – probably because he’s new to it, but it’s great fine motor work so little and often with the weaving loom will be really good for working on these skills.

bigjigs weaving loomAs long as you push the yarn back well after each line, you will get a tightly woven piece like this. Once you get to the end of each colour, just tie on the next colour and keep going! We didn’t think of our super hero idea until we were done – otherwise we could have been more strategic with colour placement to make it more like a specific hero.

loom weavingOnce we were done, we tied the weaving together at the back to tighten it around the wrist and stuck on a piece of foam web from a spider-Man toy to make it into the super hero cuff.

There are all kinds of things you could do with your finished weaving, or just enjoy the process!

If you add more yarn, you can continue to enjoy weaving with the Bigjigs toys weaving loom over and over, so it will be a great addition to our craft supplies.

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