New Disney Range from Munchkin – Review and Giveaway

Munchkin have recently launched a new Disney collection as part of their feeding range. This includes products featuring Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Winnie the Pooh or Monsters Inc.

I have been using Munchkin Click Lock™ feeding cups with my 3 year old for a while now and found them very well made, so I know I can trust the good quality products from Munchkin and I was really happy to get the chance to try out the new Disney range. All of my boys love it when they have characters on their plates and bowls, to add a bit of fun to meal times! I chose a Mickey Click Lock™ Flip Straw Cup and a Winnie the Pooh Blue Toddler Dining Set for my youngest (22 months) to try out.


Screen Shot 2013-06-08 at 23.51.52 Screen Shot 2013-06-08 at 23.51.27These are all very well made and look great. The character designs are lovely and bright. The dining set includes a plate with 3 sections on it, a small sized toddler bowl and a set of toddler sized spoon and fork. It’s really good value as you get so much! The plate and bowl have some grip on them to make them non slip, which is ideal if you have a slightly clumsy toddler. I do end up with food all over my kitchen floor from time to time but I have not so far with these. Because he likes the characters, my little one is also less likely to chuck them on the floor on purpose – which he has been known to do with his dinner on a couple of occasions! In fact he was a bit cross when I had to take his plate away once he had finished, because he was quite attached to it!

toddler dinner, in blue compartmentalised plated with sections, in a plastic toddler plate. roti, keema pastry and cucumber

As you can see the plate with sections is ideal for separating the different foods, make it easy for your child to see what is there and easily tackle the meal. In the pic you can see my son’s lunch with a keema pastry, some cucumbers and a bit of roti. There is plenty of space on the plate for everything, and it is a nice size.

toddler boy in a high chair wearing a blue stripey bib eating dinner from a plate with different sections in it compartment plate eating cucumber cheese and pasta

The different sections come in even more handy if they have any “wet” foods on the plate, as you can see here my son had some pasta with sauce for his lunch, along with a babybel and a few more pieces of cucumber. He won’t like it if the pasta sauce goes on the other foods, so this is ideal to keep everything in its place.

toddler boy in a high chair wearing a blue stripey bib eating a snack of apples from a winnie the pooh bowl

The bowl is on the smaller side. For a slightly younger toddler it will be ideal for their lunch if they are having a small portion and it is also an okay size for a small portion of porridge or cereal. I found it a great size for a portion of chopped fruit as a snack or after lunch.(Note: If you like his bib it is from Cornish Daisy and you can have a look at our review here)

The fork and spoon are a great size, very comfy for his little hands to grip and hold. He had no problems using these.

toddler in a green tshirt with a sippy cup drinking chocolate milk from a strawcurly haired grinning smiling little boy toddler in a green tshirt with a beaker of chocolate milk with a straw

Here’s the Mickey Click Lock™ Flip Straw Cup. I was actually thinking of giving this to my 3 year old, as he loves Mickey, but then the little one wanted it and as he hasn’t tried the Flip Straw Cups before I decided to give it a go and see how he gets on with it. He knows well how to drink from a straw as he likes drinking juice boxes, and these cups are recommended from 12 months+ so they are fine for him. He managed to drink easily from it and was happy to use this cup. This is 9oz which is a fraction smaller than the other Click Lock™ Flip Straw Cups we have. This seems better for my little one as it is a more manageable size for him. It is spill proof which is a big plus for me as I don’t have to worry about him spilling his drinks all over the house. The Click Lock™ is pretty handy as it lets you hear when it has properly closed, just to give you that extra reassurance. I have had with other cups or bottles that you think you have put the lid on, but it’s a bit skew so it ends up leaking – very annoying! Luckily that won’t happen with these.

All of these products are BPA free and are fine to go in the top shelf of the dishwasher.

Now onto the giveaway!

One of you lucky people will have the chance to win a Toddler Dining Set in any character of your choice, and one of the cups in any character of your choice. That is, either Mickey, Minnie, Winnie the Pooh or Monsters inc. Have a look on the Munchkin website to browse the full range and then just enter via the rafflecopter below.

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  2. I would choose a Winnie-the-Pooh set – always had a soft spot for ths little bear – fingers crossed for a little bit of luck now

  3. Minnie Mouse please as one of my grand-daughters is obsessed with her at the moment and wants a Minnie mouse birthday party. xx


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